Monday, February 2, 2009


We have started having GAME NIGHT in our household. We have adult games for me, my husband, my sister and her husband to play and we have kid games for all our kids to play MINUS the little ones, which include THE TWINS and really still MS too. THE TWINS not being able to play causes somewhat of a problem and we have to listen to screaming and crying for a while but they eventually start playing with MS, not that it makes things any quieter in the house but at least everyone is happy.

With the adults ALL being quite competitive, our games can get somewhat heated but we always have fun! My sister and I now know my husband and her husband cannot play on the same team anymore because they cheat which leads everyone to believe they beat us every time but we know that cant be the case!

And the kids that play their games which consist of MO and his cousin have inherited the competitiveness from their mommies so their games NEVER GO SMOOTH. In fact they cant play any of their games by themselves or they always end up fighting and saying the other is cheating. Nan Nan is usually the lucky one that will play with them to keep them both in line and even then they both still pout when the other wins. Now this pouting from losing they certainly DID NOT GET THIS BEHAVIOR FROM THEIR MOMMIES! We always lose gracefully! :)

Well around our household MO has made game NIGHT into game DAY. He is addicted to playing games, HE LOVES IT. He will constantly ask me or daddy to play with him, this is during the week and on the weekends. We try to tell him the games are for the weekends and when we are all playing...but of course daddy gives in every time and has played several games during the week and on weekends whenever MO wants to. Daddy, MO, MS and I were playing Are You Smarter Than A 5Th Grader the other day, its the Disney addition. The first game came down to mommy and daddy and lets just say I AM NOT SMARTER THAN A 5Th GRADER but I am NOT going to look into daddy's makeshift TV camera and tell HIM this! I HATE LOSING TO HIM...BUT MO DID NOT GET THE WAY HE ACTS AFTER LOSING GAMES FROM ME! MO gets so mad after he loses that he actually gets into trouble...daddy looks at me and says, I WONDER WHERE HE GETS THAT BEHAVIOR FROM?? NOT ME! I do not cry and get real mad, I just do not look into his FAKE camera and tell him I am not smarter than a 5Th grader! I said he is 6, he should not get mad when a mommy and daddy that are 33 and 35 beat him...he should just kind of expect it...ya know!?!? NOT THAT THIS IS THE CASE EVERY GAME, MO has his winning moments! Anyway, MO gets real close every time to being grounded from playing any of his games for a while.

Game night is actually great and we have a lot of fun...its a cheap night and something to do that the kids enjoy doing too...or most of the time anyway...or at least two of them enjoy it...the little ones have fun running around the house chasing each other and being really LOUD! I for one know that I could do a lot better on our games if I could think a little better and clearer without all the noise but it all comes with the territory!


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