Friday, January 30, 2009


Having three kids out all day by myself takes a lot out of you! Well I guess for half the day I just had "Mr. Shy" and "Mr. Chubby" and added "Mr. Outgoing" in at about 3 when we picked him up from school. But man am I TIRED!

We took "Mr. Outgoing" to school at 8 and then back home for baths/showers for everyone and I had to get ready which is no fun with a baby! Anyway, we needed to leave the house at about 1030 to make it to "Mr. Chubby's" 4 month well check up by 11. But when you have two kids to bathe plus yourself and get ready in that time frame, even I could be late AND THAT IS SAYING A LOT! I am never late to anything and when I am I feel like the world must be coming to an end, I HATE THAT FEELING! I need to feed "Mr. Chubby" before leaving because he needed to be fed and so I would not have to deal with that at the doctor's office but there was no time. As I was trying to get the diaper bag ready and get out the door, I first put "Mr. Chubby" in his car seat and made a bottle and had "Mr. Shy" feed him as I was constantly running back to make sure all was ok. Most of the bottle was gone when we had to leave, I brought the rest with us to feed him as soon as I could. We pulled out of the drive at 1040, 10 MINUTES LATE...I AM JUST SICK! We head to our destination and wouldn't you know, ROAD CONSTRUCTION...we were going to be late for sure. But I thought to myself, if they something to me I will have to say something back...I am always like 30 minutes early, which by the way is good for them (they tell me this all the time) and most the time will get us in early when we are there. So if they say something about me being late for like the first time ever then I would just be really mad...not that they make note of the people that are always there on time much less the early birds, but anyway, you get my point.

We get to the doctor's office right on time. They call us back, the room is a furnace as usual, I AM BURNING UP! I go through the usual questions with the nurse and totally undress "Mr. Chubby" to go weigh him. HE IS 4 MONTHS OLD AND WEIGHS 17 POUNDS! "Mr. Shy" weighed 17 pounds at 4 months old too and "Mr. Outgoing" weighed 19 pounds...NO I DO NOT HAVE SMALL BOYS PERIOD! Everything else with MC is great...that is until the SHOTS began! He received 3 immunizations, the first one was oral, this was the one he cried the most with! MC has a problem with faces he does not know or maybe it is the voices, I am not sure which, but it is one or the other. The nurse is right in his face giving him this to make sure he is getting it all and not spitting any of it out and MC is having a fit! She is talking to him at the same time, so I am not sure if it is the face or the voice he is not liking but it is one of them. He is done with that and we are moving on with what I would think would be the worst...THE SHOTS! There were two shots to be given, he cried but not like he did with the oral med and as soon as I picked him up he was fine. I dressed him and was putting him back in his car seat and when I put the handle up it made a loud snapping noise, MC was throwing a fit because he hates being put back in his car seat and when MS heard the loud snapping noise, he said mommy, why did you spank him, he just got shots. I said WHAT!?!? MS said just give him his paci and he will be ok. I said I DID NOT SPANK HIM, LIKE YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT A SPANKING IS...not that he shouldn't! Anyway, as soon as he was snug back in his seat and had his paci and blanky (Nikki, it is one of the replacement blankets you made me for "MR. OUTGOING" but had no name on it that I am using with him and he LOVES IT!) he was fast asleep!

We are on the road to meet my mom, aunt and uncle for lunch at chili's. It was a great lunch, the soup, salad and a few chips and hot sauce was GREAT! MC slept the whole time!

After lunch MS, MC and I venture to Target, I do not do this too often! But since we were already out and about I thought WHY NOT. MC was awake now and hungry! I fixed him a bottle and fed him, he was great! I got MO's valentines for school, a little gift for his teacher and a few other items and $200 later, we are done! Of course that $200 included diapers, formula, wine...that's probably half of it right there! On our way out MS informs me he needs to potty, not sure he really needs to or just had noticed the bathrooms on our way out. I asked MS, do you need to pee or poop (he pretty much always poops when he goes potty, I know...weird, but he does). He said he just had to pee and wanted to go into the men's restroom. I said ok but you CAN NOT go in there and poop! (I know this may be too much info but I still wipe him, he will not wipe himself, he will sit there until I come do it) So he goes into the restroom and as he is going in there I am reminding him ONLY PEE! As he is going in there an old man that works there is coming out and hears me and asks me, will he be ok or does he need help. It was really nice of him to ask BUT LIKE I WOULD ASK SOMEONE TO HELP HIM! So I am standing there and I hear MS calling me, I said what, he said I have to poop! I told him to come out then! He said lets go into the girls bathroom! I couldn't I had a basket full of groceries and MC! I said just come on, we will potty at home! We were not going home but I also knew he did not really have to potty, pee or poop!

From Target we went to pick MO up from school. We were EARLY as usual, so I took MC out of his car seat and changed him and let him have a little breather. MO got into the car and we were off again!

I told my previous place of employment that I would bring the boys up for a visit when MC was about 2 mo old, well he is now 4 mo and we still had not been for a visit. I call a friend that I use to work with to tell her we are coming and she meets us outside and helps me get everyone inside. The visit was great! MO and MS are both quite (believe it or not) until they warm up...being quite is the norm for MS but not for MO and once MO is warmed up then you are in trouble and MS tends to just follow in his footsteps! I tell daddy all the time how I really do not like going places in public with MO by myself because he will talk to anyone and everyone, which is great and all, but I DO NOT DO THAT AND I REALLY HATE TALKING TO PEOPLE I KNOW MUCH LESS PEOPLE I DON'T KNOW, I know weird but that's ME! But when your 6 year old strikes up a conversation with someone MY AGE its kind of hard not to HAVE to talk too! Bottom line, both boys warm up and are wrestling each other on the ground at a place of employment! At home OK, but NOT AT AN OFFICE! MC was good for the most part but again, he had a problem with the whole face/voice thing that he did not know.

We are all finally back in the car and headed for home! I forgot that I told MO that I would swing by Chick-fil-a on the way to get him dinner since he did not get to go to Chili's (his fave rest) with us at lunch. I usually do not tell him what we do when he is at school but now MS knows what really gets to MO and now uses such to his advantage which is NOT TO MINE!

On the way home we go by NanNan's work and I needed to give her some stuff so we stopped. We usually do not go in, she comes out and gets whatever and that is the end of it. Well, MO and MS both need to potty and I really needed to change/feed MC so we ALL go in.

An hour later we are back in the car headed home. I totally forgot about the chick-fil-a thing and headed straight home...MO reminds me when we are about 5 minutes from the casa. I tried to talk him out of it but he was not having it. I head down 407 in rush hour traffic and finally arrive at chick-fil-a and guess who is asleep?!?! I realize daddy should be getting home soon so I call to see if he wants dinner. Luckily he does so I guess the trip is not a waste. I order for daddy and MO, MS did not want anything from there. I get our order and head home in total was great! MO wakes to the smell of his dinner and asks, DID YOU GET ME 12?!?! I said 12 what??? He said chicken nuggets! I have NEVER gotten him 12 chicken nuggets. He gets the kids meal with the most nuggets which is 6 and is always happy with that! But he informs me that I should have known how hungry he was and I told him he should have told me he wanted 12 and he says you were on the phone and he got tired of waiting for me to get off so he fell asleep. Keep in mind that me being on the phone or even having a conversation with someone sitting right in front of me has never stopped him from telling me something when he wanted to! Meanwhile, as I am telling him he will be happy with what I got or he will starve MS wakes up throwing a fit cause I did not get him what MO had. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!? MS does not eat chick-fil-a and was awake when he knew we were going there and told me what I already knew, that he did not want anything! So we are almost home and sonic is up ahead which is MS's fave! So I pull in get him chicken strips and MO asks for more chicken too...I AM ABOUT TO MY WITS END!

We are finally home, 8 hours after leaving, and I am hoping to pull in and see daddy's car...NOPE! I unload the kids and groceries and trash and whatever else accumulated in the car today...daddy finally pulls up!

I put everything up, made everyone eat and finally sat down to read some blogs and blog myself! A few glasses of wine later...and I am thinking, I have probably drank more calories than I have eaten today! HOW STUPID FOR THINGS YOU DRINK TO HAVE AS MUCH IF NOT MORE CALORIES THAN THINGS YOU EAT!


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