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MO's actual birthday is tomorrow, the 21st, and I made him cupcakes to take to school.  I intended on making chocolate cupcakes and ice them in orange icing and then draw a black spiderweb on it and put a plastic spider on it.  Well, this turned out NOT to be as easy as I thought it would be AND my hand was killing me!  So, I did half with the spiderwebs and then did the other half easier.  THEY DID NOT TURN OUT AS GOOD AS I HAD HOPED FOR! 

I had MO's and MS's hair cut today.  I really like both their hair longer but MO's hair was just getting WAY TOO LONG and he has school pictures coming up in about a month so I needed to get his hair cut ASAP!  I never like their hair right after I get it cut but after about a month its back to where I like it.  I was telling the lady how I like their hair and she said to let her RAZOR cut it.  SO SHE DID and I LOVE IT!  She said for the longer, shaggy hair, it looks better to razor cut it as opposed to scissor cut.  Here is a pic of MS, dont have one of MO but will have one on here soon!

Here is MC about a week ago.  It was half time of the cowboy game so we let the boys ride their bikes/ride their cars.  MC is so funny!  He cant sit in the seat and reach the peddals but he can sit on the floor of the car and I can put his foot on the gas and tell him to push down and he will and off he goes!  Only problem is, HE DOESNT KNOW HOW TO STEER IT!  My mom and I were cracking up!

Here is MC's new fave toy that we were given afte the twins were tired of it!  THANKS TWINKS!  MC loves it.  He will go hop on it and make his usual growling sound to get someone's attention because he wants someone to come over and turn on the sound. 

here is a pic of MO and I this past Sunday when we had his birthday party!

MS and MO one morning before school.  The first thing I thought after looking at this pic was how MS is catching MO in the height department!  And from MC's latest well check up, he may be the tallest of them all!  I think MO might be the shortest and stockier of the three!  MO is built so different from the other two...MO is shorter and stockier and the other two are thinner and taller.

PUMPKIN PATCH PICS *when we left the house the intention was NOT to end up at the pumpkin patch*

YES, MC is throwing a fit here and it pretty much continued the rest of the time!

Our pumpkins that we carved WAY too early which is why they are already in the trash!

AND is what MC's face looks like these days.  The red patch on his cheek of from our meltdown at walmart a few weeks back when he was running away but not looking where he was running to and feel on a silver hook.  The cut in his forehead is from hitting a brick FOREHEAD first.  There was more blood coming from that small cut than I had ever seen.  I was nervous, I could not get it to stop, it was gushing!  The thought to call 911 did cross my mind!  Then it finally stopped but wasnt too sure it didnt need stitches!  It is still there and not healing too good because he keeps falling on his head and breaking it back open.  He currently still has this cut plus two or three other scratches on his forehead!  He stresses me out so bad!  He is so clumbsy!  AND he is like bull in a china cabinet too!  He just pushes himself through anything and everything like he is suppose to fit thru it all! 

Will have more pics from MO's actual birthday party soon!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I just think people should think longer and harder about drinking...drinking so much that the next day you don't even remember the night before...drinking so much that you say or do stuff that you normally wouldn't say or do...drinking so much that you wake up the next day totally regretting the night before ever happened...drinking so much that you wake up the next morning not even knowing where you are or how your going to get home...drinking so much that the next day you feel terrible ALL DAY...drinking so much that you wake up in ICU...
I AM NOT JUDGING ANYONE...I have found myself in many of the situations above, I just want everyone to wake up and realize the dangers of getting drunk before its too late, before something has to happen to WAKE YOU UP, something that you can't take back, something that you can't reverse. I have a friend that recently did wake up in the ICU and you are probably thinking that's bad. Where she woke up is actually way better than where the other person woke up! She is in ICU with a broken leg that she has already had surgery on, a lacerated liver, a stomach that has no skin on it. She is in so much pain that what they can give her is not even helping, she had to have a blood transfusion cause she is losing blood but they are not sure from where. Oh, did I mention she has a little girl...and that the other person I was talking about NEVER DID WAKE UP, they are having to cremate him because they couldn't even find all his body parts. OK, I have to include that alcohol being involved in this story I am telling has already been denied, but just from my opinion, I'm not so sure. But my point is drinking until your drunk will make you do and say stuff that if you were not drunk you would never do or say. Drinking until you are drunk will make you make STUPID decisions like getting into a car or on a motorcycle YOURSELF or with someone else that is drunk or make you go home with someone THAT ISN'T YOUR WIFE/HUSBAND! Drinking until you are drunk will make you totally forget to GO HOME CAUSE YOU HAVE KIDS THERE TO TAKE CARE OF OR A WIFE/HUSBAND THERE WAITING ON YOU TO GET HOME. Drinking until you are drunk makes you act stupid, act like a child, act like you have no family that depends on you and loves you...I could go on forever.
Again, NOT JUDGING, BEEN THERE! I just don't think people realize how much they are risking when they get drunk. I mean its not only about YOU when you have kids and a wife/husband anymore. What if you did get drunk and got into a car or on a motorcycle with someone else that was drunk and while driving you crashed, you were killed instantly! How fair is that to your wife/husband or your kids that are waiting on you at home?? They will never get to talk to you again, or tell you that they love you again, or even see you ALIVE again! You know how much you have just messed up in the lives of the people you love the most!?!? You don't think about it that way (1) because YOU think it will never happen to you and (2) you would never intentionally totally mess of the lives of your wife/husband or your children. But guess what, when you drink so much that you get drunk and don't know how to think properly or act properly or talk properly, THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND THEY HAVE NO SAY IN IT! You could be the best wife/husband in the world, or the best mommy/daddy in the world and ONE night could change it all FOREVER!

Next time you drink and when I say drink I mean until you are drunk and no longer know what you are doing and the next day won't remember half of what you did or said the night before, THINK FIRST...THINK ABOUT YOUR FAMILY, THINK ABOUT WHAT YOUR WIFE/HUSBAND AND CHILDREN WOULD DO IF THEY WERE TOLD IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT OR THE NEXT MORNING THERE HAD BEEN AN ACCIDENT AND YOU DIDN'T MAKE IT OR YOUR IN JAIL AND WONT BE GETTING OUT ANYTIME SOON BECAUSE YOU KILLED SOMEONE! Drinking until you are drunk at home or at a bar can be dangerous! Is it really worth it?? Is it worth something terrible happening that you cant change or take back and at the same time feeling awful cause you drank so much and at the same time wishing the night before never happened or realizing (a day too late) that all you want is to be with your family and for them and you to be happy and healthy but now you have to deal with what happened the night before. STOP THINKING IT CANT HAPPEN TO YOU BECAUSE IT CAN AND WILL IF YOU DON'T STOP DOING IT! Something bad ALWAYS has to happen to open people's eyes before their behavior will stop or change...JUST ASK SOMEONE THAT HAS BEEN THERE!

Monday, October 5, 2009


just some of my thoughts that I wanted to put down...

IF you are the "praying" kind and nothing seems to be happening for you then I would say you need to ask yourself, "Are you living your life as HE would want you to"?? It seems to me that some think they can just live as THEY want to...not ever go to church or just go from time to time, keep doing the same things over and over that they routinely ask for forgiveness for, you stay the same person, NOTHING changes in your life, but you say your prayers faithfully every night but you seem never to get an answer...or the one YOU want anyway.

YES, GOD loves EVERYONE! NO, I am not perfect, I still have tons of things I need to do better/different...I AM NOT JUDGING ANYONE! I am just doing all that I can do and then will pray about the rest! I pray for myself daily too!!

I just feel that the things that stay with me that I learn each week in church, I need to share. Bottom line, you cant continue to live you life as YOU want and then expect GOD to bless you or answer your prayers to your liking (even when you are living your life as HE wants you to not all your prayers will be answered as YOU want them to be, it is HIS WILL not ours). You cant just not ever go to church or go from time to time when its convenient to you and then when something goes wrong you plead and pray to GOD and expect him to be there. Where were YOU when he wanted YOU church or talking (praying) to him even when things aren't bad or helping someone else out, even if you had to go out of your way to do it or NOT doing something you routinely do because someone else needed you worse??

I just think everyone (including me) need to remember your priorities AND the order in which you should remember them: GOD, your wife/husband, your children, your work or career and then your friends. As hard as it may be to live your life like this, or regardless of how you think its crazy that your wife/husband should come before your children, you will be amazed how everything just falls into place when you live as HE wants you to. When you live like HE wants you to instead of how YOU want to that's when you are blessed more than you can even imagine, that's when your wife/husband AND your children seem to be so much happier and things seem to get and be so much easier, that's when you are having financial problems and then all the sudden one day you get a check in the mail that you were not expecting but boy it could not have come at a better time!

Speaking of financial, when you tithe at church, even though you may have to give up something else or not buy pointless, meaningless stuff that you don't NEED or tan or get your toes/nails done or whatever it is that you do that could be given up in order to bring back some of HIS money to your local church! Yes, I said HIS money. Nothing you currently have on this earth is YOURS, you wouldn't have it if he didn't give it to you. Part of why GOD wants us to tithe is because HE knows money can turn into an obsession, HE knows it can be used for evil instead of good. HE is helping YOU out here!! This is something my family struggles with...we bring our money back to HIM but sure wish it could be more cause its certainly not the 10% that the bible says we are to bring back to HIM. But when you bring money to HIM, money you think you don't have and do this consistently, YOU WILL BE AMAZED AT WHAT HE DOES IN YOUR LIFE! If you are living your life as HE wants you to HE will ALWAYS make sure you are taken care of! This is when your faith has to come into play. You have to have faith that if you are living as HE wants you to that HE will take care of you.

Yes, we all sin and will continue to do so because we are not GOD, we are not perfect and never will be! But if you are truly a believer and a follower of JESUS then you will be forgiven for your sins, washed clean, new slate, start will mess up, you then ask GOD to forgive you and then its done, its over, no need to keep asking him to forgive you for that specific thing over and over and over, you get to actually just LET IT GO and move on. But GOD knows every ones true heart. So if you think you can keep making the SAME sin over and over and over just because you think all you have to do is ask him to forgive you and then its over, that's NOT the case. That would be totally taking advantage of something just for the good of have to sacrifice and live like HE wants you to in order to have HIS blessings, HIS grace and HIS amazing love! And continually doing the same sin over and over and over again is not living as HE wants you to. Our pastor said something the other day that really stuck with me. He said he loves to hear about stories where 30, 40 and 50 year old people have finally became Christians and been re-born to live for HIM instead of for themselves. But what he loves to hear even more are people who say they have been living for Christ their whole life, since they were 10, 11 and 12 years old. He said people think they have all this time on their side, that they can go be wild and crazy for 5, 10 years and then when that gets old and they are tired of living like that they can then turn to GOD ask for forgiveness for all the bad things they have ever said and done and then they will go to heaven. You know, like all those people that murder someone or drive drunk and kill someone or whatever and go to prison for the rest of their lives and ONLY then do they turn to GOD and beg GOD to forgive them and cleanse them...and the truth is you can do this, if what you are saying and praying to GOD is real and true (and GOD will know if it is or not and the way you live your life after this will prove it) then HE will forgive you, HE will cleanse you, HE will save you. BUT what if the day you have been waiting for to make this plea to GOD, never comes...what if you get into a terrible accident and die, what if GOD comes back tomorrow??? YOU can't afford to WAIT because right now is just not the right time or right now is just not convenient for you. You cant play this same game with the lives of your children...we don't know when our lives here on this earth will be over or WHEN HE will come back but we do know that HE WILL come back! Don't you want to have your "house" in order when that time comes, whether that is tomorrow, next week, next month, next year...

Again, everything I have written here applies to me too! I am not judging anyone! GOD will judge us all one day. We all will HAVE to answer to HIM! I just hope we are all ready when that time comes, whenever that might be. Because the one thing that we all know is that you never know when you will take your last breath or say your last prayer or attend your last church service...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

CHURCH does a body good!!

DO you know that by bringing your child to church every week you are:

-INCREASING their average LIFE-EXPECTANCY by eight years
-Helping them build a HIGHER SELF-ESTEEM with a MORE POSITIVE ATTITUDE about life
-Significantly REDUCING THEIR RISK to participate in rebellious, dangerous or risky activities
-IMPROVING THEIR ATTITUDE at school and increasing their school participation
-Increasing their likelihood for INVOLVEMENT in sports, community activities and volunteerism
-Building a THREE-TIMES STRONGER foundation to attend church as an adult
-Providing them with a LIFE-LONG MORAL compass
-IMPROVING THEIR ODDS for a "very happy" life

Most people form their moral foundation by the time they reach 9 years old. YOUR commitment to attend church every week has a HUGE impact in your child's life.

FELLOWSHIP CHURCH in Grapevine is where my family and I attend and WE LOVE IT!! If you don't have a church home, YOU SHOULD TRY IT OUT! Or attend any church, find one you like and attend weekly! The difference in your life and that of your children will AMAZE you!

This is my SECOND post of the day so please look below for the other one!

MC...aka MY BABY

Thursday, October 1, 2009



MC turned ONE September 29Th!! He shares a birthday with his PAWPAW that he never got to meet...GOD SURE HAS A WAY OF MAKING THINGS OK, DOESN'T HE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND WE MISS YOU PAWPAW!!


If you cant tell, he didn't like his hat on!

I made daddy hold him so I could get a few pics without him being in the act of tearing his hat off!

Can you tell he is real enthused??

You are like your don't like all the attention being on you!

He didn't really know what to think when everyone started singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I think he got a little embarrassed. He knew something was going on, he didn't like everyone staring at him and singing some crazy song! I DON'T LIKE IT EITHER BABY!!

MO blew his candle out for him!

He was not so sure about the icing on his hands. Eventually he started throwing a fit cause he wanted the icing off of him. I had to clean him up and then feed him his cupcake!

Now he did get into opening his gifts!! He had to fight the twins off his gifts...they were just HELPING, but he didn't like it!!

Of course, he wanted to play with each toy and when I tore it from his hands he would throw a fit until he realized that there was another toy in all that wrapping paper.

What he is standing on here was a favorite! My mom got him these big foam puzzle pieces. On a few of them were barn animals and when you step on them they make the noise of the animal. But his favorite one was the piece that had a frog on it and the frog was a mirror...he loves looking at himself, he thinks its so funny!

This was another favorite...well of mine, anyway! I also told my mom and sister a few things I wanted for him!! His initials below were one of the items I wanted and another was a wooden 16 X 20 frame, both these things I needed for his room. I am just now putting his room together!! His baby bed is in my room STILL and I am not sure how good I would sleep if I moved it out. But at least his room will be nice and pretty for him to play in!! I will take pics when I am done with it.

Here you can see him with the frog mirror stuck to his face!

What he has here was from Grandpa and MawMaw and another favorite!! This truck talks!!

Here is the foam puzzle thing I was talking about that my mom got him.

Here are a few more of his favorite gifts!!

And here you can see the pinata that my mom bought him. Although he never got to take a swing, I know he would have loved it!!

And here is the birthday boy...OUT, even before his pinata was hung!!

And now for the pinata...that only the big kids got to enjoy. Even the twins were looking forward to it but they were out too by the time we were able to do it. And it was pretty late, TECH played this same night and it was a late start so they had to wait for halftime.

The pic above is of MO and the one below is like another niece...its my sister's husband's sister's boyfriend's daughter...DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT AT ALL??

MS taking a swing...

Just missed Klaty!

MO again...

And because it was too dark out in the yard, once we knew it was broke, we brought it on the patio and dumped it out for them.

Did I mention that it was THE GIRL that broke the pinata??
MC, I love you so much and can't believe you are already ONE!!! You are such a BIG BOY! You started walking before your brothers did and I have no doubt that was because you just had to keep up with them! You are such THE BOY, you love to wrestle with your daddy and brothers and most the time its YOU that hurts one of them! You love your mommy but also adore your daddy and two big brothers. When daddy gets home from work and your hear the beep of the door, YOUR OFF! Sometimes you will just run up to your brothers and hug them...of course you also will just run up to them and hit them! When your brothers are sick you can tell something is just not right, you will just stare at them then go up to them and snuggle. You are the sweetest, meanest little boy I know. You for sure keep me on my toes!! You are so different from your brothers when they were your age. YOU are so much meaner than they were...and maybe I just think this because I am with you more, I don't know. But you do things that I don't remember them doing at age 1. You already get spankings!! And you don't mind them a bit, right after I spank your little fat leg or booty you are right back at what you just got spanked for! You just laugh when you get in trouble and can't wait to get out of my hands to go do it again. I tell you that I hate spanking you but I don't want you to turn into some terrible 2 or 3 year old that everyone can't stand and they just look at you like IF YOU WERE MY CHILD I WOULD BEAT YOU! Yeah, I think you will get WAY MORE spankings than your older two brothers ever did...actually, you probably already have gotten more than they ever have! You are a little monkey too. You climb on anything and everything and of course get into EVERYTHING!! You just climb stuff like you are spiderman or something. In the backyard you climb the rock wall on the swingset, you do pull ups on every countertop you can reach! At the baseball game the other night I was letting you run around and was, of course, keeping my eye on you! But I turned for a SEC and turned back and you were climbing the fence on another field, LITERALLY! You are such a handful, YOUR BROTHERS EVEN SAY THIS NOW!! BUT I WOULD NOT HAVE YOU ANY OTHER WAY!! I LOVE YOU AND CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE LITTLE TODDLER AND BOY THAT YOU TURN OUT TO BE!!