Thursday, February 5, 2009


MO was home again today SICK! More fever, more throat hurting, more talking for 10 minutes before taking Tylenol or Motrin and then taking a gallon of water and an m&m between each tiny sip...I HATE SEEING MY BOYS SICK! Daddy woke him up this morning in hopes to get him into the bath and off to school but that didn't happen. MO was running fever, so after the bath he complained that his tummy was hurting which only meant he didn't think he could take the Motrin without throwing up so daddy didn't make him. MO got back in bed and curled up next to me with a cold wet rag on his head. I could only take about 1o minutes of his HOT little body next to me and knowing he was burning up with fever...we got up and he took his medicine and then we went back to sleep until MC woke us up. When MO woke back up he was great! But since this was the third day of missing school I called to get a doc appt because I figured I would need a doctors note anyway. Meanwhile my sister called and said she was on her way to take one of the twins to the doc and wanted us to meet them at McDonald's afterwards.

We got up, I called to get MO an appt and both Flower Mound and Lewisville offices were booked for the day! They had ONE appt left at 2 in the Coppell office so I took it! When daddy called MO in sick at school they said that there were tons of kids out sick. I have never not been able to get an appt in Flower Mound...the pediatrician was booked with sick kids!

We met my sister and the twins at McDonald's. By the way, the twin she took to the doc had double ear infections. On our way out of McDonald's my sister's oldest school called to tell her to come pick him up because he was not feeling well. Long story short, my sister said that there was nothing wrong with her oldest, he said he threw up after taking a bite of pizza at lunch that was cold...throwing up was not even something the nurse said he was doing and even if it was it was not because he was sick but because the child has issues with food, he is weird like his mommy! (WHO DOESN'T LIKE COLD PIZZA??)

After McDonald's I was trying to waste time until our 2:00 doc appt. I went my my moms work and she came out and sat with us for her lunch and we talked and then we were on our way.

The doc office was packed! We are usually in and out of our appts in Flower Mound, I am usually there early and we are done before the actual appt was even scheduled. This appt took forever! They did a strep and flu test, both were negative. The ear that he just had an ear infection in a month ago looked yucky again so he was put on antibiotics for that. The fever and throat is viral, just as I thought.

MO had not ran fever all day. So after the doc appt I took them to the mall to play. I needed to get MC out of his car seat and change him and feed him anyway. MO and MS played for a while before I could see it in his eyes, MO was not feeling good AGAIN. He was burning up! We left and went by and got his fave dinner, Chick-fil-a, which he could not eat cause he was feeling too bad.

We got home, all three boys were snoozing. Sure wish there was a way to leave them in the car when they are sleeping like that...I mean just long enough to take everything in and get everything unpacked and all. BUT as I brought them in one by one they ALL woke up. MO was burning up but did not want to take his med, MS was just in a bad mood from being sleepy and MC was HUNGRY! WHERE IS DADDY!?!? Oh yeah, he is on his way home but had to stop and get MO's antibiotic that I dropped off and more chewable Motrin!

I fed MC, then MS wanted his nuggets and finally got MO to take his Motrin. Daddy was finally home! MO's fever had broke, he was feeling better and took his antibiotic better than usual and finally wanted to eat. Daddy went to snuggle with MO until he was asleep and then played some Sony with MS and then was back in his office...I was getting MC to sleep, he is still asleep in my arms.

MO will stay out of school again tomorrow, he cant go back until he is 24 hours free of fever. I watched my shows, Greys and Private Practice and now daddy is watching his recorded LOST from last night.


Tomorrow we will be heading over to my sisters for game night and we are keeping my husbands parents twins for a while. Cant wait for Saturday, CHEAT DAY! I think I am going to make homemade pizza and after church Saturday night have dinner at Ojedas...this use to be my fave place to eat and I have not been there in over a year!

Thanks for all your prayers for MO, please continue to keep him in your prayers as well as my sisters kiddos and everyone else that is sick right now!


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