Sunday, June 21, 2009

ANOTHER POST in the same night...make sure you look below too!

We went out with my sister and her husband this past Friday night to celebrate their anniversary...can't speak for anyone else, BUT I HAD A BLAST! MOM, THANKS FOR KEEPING THE BOYS! And thanks for letting us invade the pool with you, KELL!

Oh, and here is my little chubby mohawk baby at the pool!




FIRST AND FOREMOST, MY BOYS WANT TO TELL THEIR DADDY HOW MUCH THEY LOVE HIM AND HOW HAPPY THEY ARE THAT GOD MADE THEIR DADDY THEIR DADDY! MO always says how happy he is that GOD chose his daddy to be his daddy or that he sure is glad that GOD gave him to his daddy! Well, I couldn't agree more with MO! I am so glad that GOD chose daddy to be my husband and the father of my boys! Everyday I thank GOD for my husband and the daddy of my boys. Daddy, I know we don't tell you near enough how much we love you and how great we think you are and how we thank GOD daily for you, BUT WE DO!!


Thanks for coming home EVERY night after a LONG day of work and still playing with us, thanks for teaching me how to ride my bike and how to swim, thanks for reading our bibles with us at night before bed and teaching us how to pray, thanks for our baby brother, he is the best baby GOD could have given us, and thanks for working so much and so hard that mommy gets to stay home with us!


and now for some pics of the best baby brother ever...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


A few pics from our photo shoot this past Sunday

If your looking for a good photographer, check her out!

The "tie" shirts that my boys have on are from:

We had so much fun doing this!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am a little late, but here are some pics of MO's last day of school.  I know this is stupid, but it was SAD!  I probably would have been ok but I knew MO was sad and his teacher started crying!  If this doesn't tell you a little something about what kind of child my oldest son is...he is for sure not your typical 6 year old boy, and I wouldn't have it any other way!  MO loved his teacher and tells me everyday how much he misses her.  I loved her too!  He could not have had a better teacher for his first experience ever!

In case you can't tell from these pics, MO is a pro at the hula hoop!  I think that's really all I need to say about this, the pics speak for themselves!

MS had a blast at MO's last day of school too!  He always loves going to MO's school and can't wait to start himself.  We hope to put him in some sort of mother's day out/pre K in the fall!

I think he looks so much like my twin sister and I in this pic!

MC, on the other hand, didn't enjoy the last day of school so much!  IT WAS REALLY HOT AND HE WAS REALLY HOT!

MO eating his picnic lunch!

The next few pics are from MC having his very first ritz cracker EVER!  AND WE WON'T BE DOING THAT AGAIN FOR A WHILE, he chocked and I had to pull a piece of cracker from his throat!

We had a great weekend!  Today we had our photo shoot with Camily!  It was a blast and she is great!  I can't wait to see the pics!  I am sure my next post will be of this very thing!  If you want to see how good she is just go check her out:

Monday, June 1, 2009

pics of our weekend

look at MC in the background...he was just too big of a handful IN the pool!

When MC falls asleep I use to put him in a chair next to me but not anymore.  I am afraid I may be up using the restroom or doing laundry or checking on the other boys and he will wake up and be on the floor before I can get to him.  Now I put him on the floor!  And just today I took out the top part off of his pack n play, I am afraid when he wakes up and I am not right there he will fall out!  He is pulling up on anything and everything.  I think he may be walking before he is actually crawling...on his knees anyway!  I also lowered his baby bed mattress to the lowest position!  

Speaking of pulling he is doing just that!  He has bumbs and bruises everywhere!  He is a handdful right now, another reason I lowered his mattress and made the pack n play safe!  I have to have someplace to put him when I need to contain him at some point.  And boy can he throw a fit already!  And when I say fit I mean we even mentioned KARSON the other day when he threw his fit!

This is what I mean by "contain" him!  Putting him somewhere that he cant get out of!

My older two being dare devils...or just NOT smart!  I think they thought they were jumping into a 6 foot pool or something!

MS jumping into a DEEP pool...or you would think!

what MC does when he isnt contained!

daddy took these pics...I have some like these almost identical of MS

My three babies...I mean BOYS!