Tuesday, February 17, 2009


OK, so the only time I feel good about what I feed my kids is when they are in the stage of eating baby food! Its like the only time it seems they are eating healthy! I always say they are going to eat healthy afterwards too but it hasn't happened so far.

I mean I cook spaghetti which I guess isn't bad and my older two like this and eat it good. I will make tacos, MO likes the crunchy ones and MS could eat soft tacos for like every meal if I had it. They both love pizza, the frozen and mostly the kind you order. They both will eat cereal or a frozen sausage biscuit for breakfast. They both love nuggets from McDonald's or the chicken strips from sonic, MS never eats fries, just wants the chicken but MO will eat the fries plus some cheese sticks! Oh yeah, they both will eat taco burgers too! And what kid doesn't like candy!?!?

MO will eat turkey sandwiches good until he is burned out on them but only with Cheetos or funyuns, and this is usually for a snack when he gets home from school! He likes chicken sandwiches but the breaded, fried, crispy kind! He loves Frito pie, nachos, bean and cheese tostados, pepperoni hot pockets and all those REAL healthy meals! I will make all these things for him here at home or heat it up...you know what I mean. MS wont eat any of these things. MO does eat at school pretty much everyday for lunch, which surprises me! What MO eats is ONE reason we keep him in sports!

MS will eat a turkey lunchable pretty much everyday for lunch until burned out on them, same with hot dogs, he interchanges these two. MS would eat fruit chews all day, every day if I let him! He eats cereal good and then the soft tacos and that is pretty much about it, I mean besides McDonald's or sonic! He would actually skip meals if I didn't make him eat or eat chocolate for every meal, too! MS is skinny and its because he eats like a bird and would eat even less if I let him.

Now back to baby food. I am just now starting MC on baby food. He really isn't suppose to start this for another two weeks but he wont eat cereal (and I don't want to add fruit to it - I am afraid he wont eat the veggies if I do this), none of my boys would eat cereal. Right now I am just testing which baby foods he will eat or become use to. I will offer it to him like once a day right now, hopefully in a couple of weeks he will be use to it and eat like a whole jar or two or whatever it is they are suppose to be eating at that point. I am trying the yuckier ones first, I attempted peas with him yesterday, he was having none of it. Every time I pushed a bite into his mouth he would push it right back out with his tongue. Today I tried carrots with him. He seemed to maybe like them a little, or at least thinking about liking them, or at least better than the peas. I think he swallowed a few bites and also pushed some out but I am not sure if him pushing the food out is because he doesn't like it or he doesn't really know what to do with it. Carrots were better than the peas. I have squash and sweet potatoes, my other two boys loved these! I am saving these for last! The squash, sweet potatoes and I think some mixed veggies were pretty much the only baby food my other two boys ate. I never gave them meat or fruit in baby food. And then of course they started eating "human" food probably sooner than they should have!

So anyway, the only things that MC will eat right now is his formula, (you would think if they like this stuff they would like any and all baby foods!) and then the few bites I can push into his mouth of peas or carrots! I am in no hurry for him to eat McDonald's or pizza or the rest of the junk that sooner or later he will love. Although, it is much easier when he starts eating "human" food and I hate the way he looks at us when we are eating like he knows what it is or something or would actually eat it. His little lips just start watering and his little tongue will lick like he wants a bite...

Any advice for this third time around baby feeder?? Don't think I did so well the first two times around!


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Nikki B. said...

i think it was lil who was my picky baby food eater. i remember making each bite half and half. a little bit of veggies and a little bit of fruit in each bite. made them go down a little easier, anyway!