Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Mr. MO woke up this morning at 530 and wanted to get into the bath. He always takes baths in the morning but not this early. I told him to lay back down for a little bit and then we would get up and get ready for school. He laid back down for about 10 min and wanted to get into the bath again. So I told him to go tell daddy to start his bath and then I would be in there to bathe him, daddy was already up getting ready for work and I was feeding MC.

MO loves to take baths but seems to want to take them even more when he is not feeling great. When he was in the bath this morning I heard him telling daddy that his head was hurting but he was NOT going to take anything for it. You have to know how big of a beating MO is when it comes to taking medicine of any kind. It takes forever to get him to take ONE dose of anything and chances are after he FINALLY gets it down he will throw up and we will have to do it all over again or take a breather and let him just continue to burn up with fever until he will and can take the med again and keep it down. Tylenol he use to choose over Motrin but now he prefers Motrin. The last time he had to take it he had gotten pretty good at it BUT NOT THIS MORNING!

Daddy had to leave for work and I went in to wash MO and get him out of the bath. MO was crying saying he misses daddy. MO always says this but he usually doesn't cry so I knew he must not have been feeling good also. He told me his head was hurting and I could tell by looking at him that he had fever. I washed him and got him out and took his temp. He had a slight fever and I could not get him to take the Motrin without it looking like he was going to throw it up. So I told him to just go lay back down, he was asleep in 5 minutes.

MO did not go to school. MS had not woken up yet and MC always goes back to sleep around 8 until about 10, so we all got back in bed. MO woke up after about 15 minutes of being asleep and I was telling him that he really needed to take his Motrin so he would feel better. I told him he could not miss too much school or he would not be able to go with daddy and MS on their ski trip next week, he is missing next Friday for this trip. MO popped right up and went and took the Motrin like I remembered he could take it. He was also telling me he thought he could go to school now. Well I was not going to take him to school because if I did and he was sent to the nurse running fever he would be sent home AND would miss school tomorrow, they do not allow a kid back in school for at least 24 hours after running fever. I did not want to chance him missing school today AND tomorrow although I hated that it seemed he could have gone to school now.

After we all slept a couple more hours we got up. MO is acting and feeling great, I am totally thinking he could have gone to school and I hate that feeling! I told him if he started feeling bad again to come tell me. MO and MS went to their room to play Sony.

Not too long after getting downstairs here comes MO whining and telling me he misses daddy again...I know he must not be feeling good again. He is burning up...he doesn't want med right now so I make him lay down with a cold rag on his head, he is OUT! I KNOW he probably has a VIRAL infection AGAIN! Which means running fever but nothing else wrong and when the fever is gone he is totally fine UNTIL the fever returns! And this usually takes about 4 or 5 days to run its course, which probably means missing more school this week!

By the way, just in case you don't know, there is no use taking him to the doc, they do nothing for viral infections. MO has had these since he was 5 or 6 months old!

I have MO snoring on the couch and MC snoring in my lap! MS is where he always is...PLAYING SONY! Say an extra prayer for MO, he really needs to get well soon! THANKS!


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