Thursday, February 12, 2009


So its been a while since I have last made a post! When I started this blog I wanted to try to at least post once a day during the week and then anything more would just be extra. Well, that was before I knew I would get strep throat for the first time in 15 years and it be worse than I ever had it!

Saturday we went to church with my sister and her family and then to dinner at Ojedas, it was great! My nephew came home with us to spend the night with the boys. ALL the boys played from the time we got home until about which time we all turned into bed. I got in bed with MC laying on my chest and while getting him to sleep I was reading a book I have been trying to finish for like a month now.

I woke up once during the night to feed MC and still felt fine. But sometimes between that feeding and the morning something went WRONG! When I woke up Sunday morning my throat was really sore when I would swallow...I have had this before and it gets better but this feeling was different. I just laid in bed for a while to see if I would start feeling better. Daddy finally came in at almost noon and asked me when I thought I would be getting out of bed for the day. I said something is wrong with me, I don't feel good and my throat is really hurting.

I stayed in bed all day. I felt worse and worse and FAST! Daddy finally had to take MO to soccer practice and would take MS and the nephew with him but brought MC up to me. I said you are going to have to bring me his activity saucer up and a bottle. They would be gone for maybe a couple of hours and I figured I would be OK with MC cause I figured I could get him to lay down with me and go to sleep...YEAH RIGHT! I called daddy crying and telling him I could not do this with MC feeling the way I was. I said I will not be able to get myself to the doc tomorrow either and especially not with having to get two other people ready to go too, I knew I couldn't even get myself ready to go! Daddy said well maybe I can call in and stay home...HE NEVER DOES THIS...and later said he couldn't! So I did what all people in my situation would do...I called MY MOM bawling! She said WHAT IS WRONG!?!? I said I don't feel good and now the daddy says he cant stay home tomorrow and I cant take care of MC like this much less get myself to the doc.

Sunday night my mom and uncle came over and picked up MC to take back to their house for who knew how long...I hated this, I knew he would cry...HE WAS JUST FINE! By this point I could not eat, drink or take any med cause I could not swallow. I was up all night crying and just feeling awful! Daddy finally did see that I HAD to have him home Monday just to get to the doc, if nothing else! He called and got me an appt and worked from home till we had to go. Then once we were in the car he hopped back on the phone and continued to work some more...stayed on the phone while he was checking me in and right up until we were called back. I told him I needed him to come back, which meant him and MS, but I could not talk for myself!

By the way, this was also my weight loss appt, I lost another 10 pounds, so that is a total of 43 for me in I think 3 mos. But I could have cared less at this point! The nurse takes my temp, I don't even remember what she said it was but she was freaking out at how high it was which was another reason I was feeling so bad, I could not swallow any med! Then she looked at my throat and said oh my gosh, it does NOT look good in there. She did a strep test and a flu test...I really thought they both would come back positive as bad as I was feeling...the strep was positive but the flu was negative. The doc came in, looked at my throat, said the same thing, asked me where in the world I got strep from, which I attempted to answer I HAVE NO IDEA! He even looked in MS's throat to see if his throat looked bad but of course it didn't! Anyway, he gave me an antibiotic shot and sent me home with a Z pack.

We get home and I go straight to bed! I tried to take my med and some NyQuil but could not get either down. I was dying of thirst but could not even swallow my own spit at this point. I tried to lay back down...I was miserable, I would get up two or three diff times and just run hot water in the bath tub and soak in it and then get way too hot and get out and lay back down. I could not sleep, I felt too bad!

My mom came by after work Monday to see if Jacob wanted to go back home with her, which he did, which I was happy about because the next day daddy was going back to work and it would just be me at home. Now both my little boys were taken care of, my sister, her husband and my mom were taking care of them! My mom was coming by Tuesday morning to take MO to school and she was going to try to pick him up too.

Monday night into Tuesday was more awful than the night before. I still felt terrible, the shot didn't seem to do anything and I could not take the med he sent me home. I was dying of thirst and the whole time I am thinking the first thing they are concerned about with little one is dehydration, why are they not worried about that with me?!?! I really just wanted to be put in the hospital and given fluids through my veins and I just wanted to be knocked out and not wake up until I was ALL better!

I went back to the doctor Tuesday! MO had to go with me...AND YOU KNOW HOW MUCH HE TALKS! I could barely talk and when I did it killed me but I told him NOT to talk to anyone so we could get in and out! This visit took WAY longer than any of my appts have ever taken and I was pretty much the only patient there! Oh, and by the way, MO didn't exactly keep his little mouth closed either, not that I actually thought he would! Finally, they gave me another shot like the one I got the day before and a steroid shot and she gave me another prescription to take once I could swallow again. Before MO would let the nurse give me my shots he made her pull the curtain around us so that he could not see it, he said he would freak out if he even saw the band aid...he is so silly!

My mom picked MO up after the doc appt and my prescription and dropped off my med and got MO something to eat. By the time I got home from the doc office I felt so much better! I could eat and drink! I should have gotten those shots from the beginning! I had a great night sleep Tuesday night, slept in Wednesday morning and finally got up to try and cleanse my house of all my yucky sick germs before I brought my kids back home! I picked MO up from school and we headed to my sister's to see my other two boys!

It was really great to have all my boys back! I also had a great dinner! My sister made baked pork chops with rice and green beans and it was really good! I think beside that meal all I did Wednesday was DRINK! I was so thirsty plus I had been dreaming about what I would drink when I could. I drank a sprite first, then orange juice, then iced tea and then just water and it was all delicious! I still don't feel back to 100% yet...I still feel a little sluggish and just not all there yet. Today is my first day back to my full responsibilities and I love it! I like having my life back to where it should be! AND I thank GOD for my family!

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