Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Those of you that know me are probably thinking, POTTY TRAINING?? Seeing as though I have a 6 year old, a 4 year old and an almost 5 month old...who could I be talking about? I mean obviously my 5 month old is not ready to be potty trained and surely my 4 and 6 year old already are...

No, my 5 month old is not ready to be potty trained and yes my 4 year old is totally potty trained...oh, yes, I guess that leaves my 6 year old you are wondering about.

MO is of course in underwear ALL DAY EVERYDAY! But at night is a different story, or really anytime he sleeps. He still sleeps in pull ups at night and every morning when he wakes up it is soaked! There is NEVER a morning it isn't soaked. He does not drink a ton or near bedtime, this is not the issue. MS drinks more than any child I know and he has been wearing underwear at night for a while now. MS even wakes up at least once, maybe twice for drinks during the night and he still stays dry. When MS wakes in the morning I have to make him go potty, if I didn't he still wouldn't have to go then. But then I have MO that is 6 and cant stay dry at night EVER. We have talked to him about this and told him that if and when he needs to go potty he needs to get up and go like mommy and daddy do. He tells us he never knows when he has to go or even when he goes.

This worries me a little, I mean what will end this and make him like a normal kid that sleeps in underwear?? I don't see what will fix this or what I can do to help fix it. He ALWAYS goes to the potty before bed, ALWAYS, but this doesn't matter or help. And you would think that if this was something he could help or fix he would seeing as though his LITTLE brother sleeps in underwear at night and he doesn't!




Nikki B. said...

i don't know...avery was my hardest one. but, he was about 4 when he started staying dry through the night.

lily still wets the bed every great once in a while.

i don't think it's that uncommon though. we had 2 of avery's friends over a month or so ago to spend the night. 3rd grader and 1st grader...and in the morning, there was a soaked pullup in my trash can. so, one of those boys still pees at night!

have you asked the doctor about it?

Shelly said...

I have not asked the doctor about it yet. Klayton is in the second grade and still every once in a while will pee at night but for the most part he is always dry. Kell did ask the doc at his last well check up about it and she said she was not going to do anything about it now...she said by age 8 they like to see kids staying dry pretty much all the time but she has seen kids that age that arent. She talked to him about it. It wouldnt bother me so much if it was every once in while...its NOT, its EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, every morning he wakes up with a soaked pull up. Guess I will just wait and see and then eventually ask the doc about it. I had two cousins that had to be put on medicine to make them not pee at night. Before they went to bed at night they took a pill...they were older than Avery when they were having to do this.