Sunday, May 30, 2010


began with me getting my miles in!  left the house at 8:15!!  daddy fed all the boys breakfast and we headed out to our first trip of the year to the pool.  you can tell we were pretty early getting there cause it was still empty, but that didnt last long!  think we were at the pool for a couple of hours then had to make a quick run to target while daddy and the boys grabbed us sandwiches for lunch.  then home to put stuff up and daddy and jameson washed the cars!  we all showered and got ready for church, which was really good as usual, then headed to shops of highland village for dinner.  i did not plan to eat anything so let daddy pick where he wanted to go.  he chose somewhere i would have never ever picked, ROCK FISH!  the boys werent happy with the selection and when we sat down MS asked where the chips and hot sauce was...guess we eat mexican food a little too much, huh??  when we walked in MO said it smelled terrible, lucky for the boys and myself, we sat outside!  daddy ordered something that looked yucky but he loved it, the boys ordered chicken strips, pizza and fries, all of which were really good!  so in the end everyone was happy and we all concluded that we could go back as long as we sat on the patio!  boys wanted ice cream afterwards then we came home and watched the worst movie ever, THE ROAD!!  DONT WATCH IT!!  MC has been asleep for a while now, the other two boys just went upstairs and i am headed that way shortly.  we have to be at the pool again tomorrow by 11AM for a bday party!!  ENJOY THE PICS FROM OUR DAY:

and this next pic is a frequent activity in our household!
the only thing you dont see in this pic is ME on my computer at the same time! 

Friday, May 28, 2010


mc at mo's last baseball game!  mc is the reason i can barely even watch the game!!

have you seen these?  the first time i saw these were on a little girl and i thought it was a diaper cover...its not, its an actual diaper that looks like blue jeans!  i think they are so cute!!  they are by huggies.

i know this is blury!  we went to dinner after ms's baseball game tonight.  mo is done with baseball and has
3 1/2 days of school left.  ms has one game left and his last day of school was today!!

ms has also been taking swimming lessons the last two weeks, his last day was today.  his swim teacher told me he swam the length of the pool all by himself today, she said she was shocked!  ms cant wait to show us how he can swim tomorrow at the pool!

Monday, May 24, 2010


isnt the cake cute?!?!

this is bella, you have to sign a waver before they accept your child here that acknowledges that bella will attend and be present everyday!

notice bella in the pic!

this is ms's best buddies at school!  they are also the reason ms even goes here!  ms played on a tball team that their dad coached and their mom told me about this great little preschool, IM SO HAPPY SHE DID!  by the way, incase you couldnt tell THEY ARE TWINS!

MC loves it here!!  he will go to this school next year too!

the twins, another buddy and ms

when at all possible the twins each ALWAYS have a certain color on to help people tell them apart  one ALWAYS wears blue and the other ALWAYS wears green!  their rooms at home are even done in these two colors!

this is ms's teacher

this is the owner of the school and former teacher.  she also keeps the kids after school hours when left later

the pic above is of a poem they read at the graduation...totally made me tear up!  and below is the poem again, and also ms's "diploma" and my rose he gave me!

there are FOUR posts below, each containing a VERY SHORT CLIP of the graduation.  when you watch them scroll down and watch from the furtherest down and then back up!






Wednesday, May 19, 2010


One of the moms just sent me this pic from the fun run and I thought it was really good of all the boys so I just had to share!