Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Remember when you were in school (K - 5th or 6th) and going on field trips? I remember loving field trips! I mean who doesn't like field trips?? You get to be gone all day long from school and you don't have to do the "normal" school stuff...you get to ride on a bus to and from and then by the time you are back at school its time to go home!

WHO DOESN'T LIKE FIELD TRIPS, I ASKED...MO of course! Not that he really knows if he does or not, he has never been on one. Back before Christmas, I think it was, they had a field trip planned at school to go to the zoo and MO was really excited about it but I guess just because daddy was going too. Well MO was sick this day and was not able to go on the field trip or enjoy daddy being with him either!

So when I knew there was another field trip coming up I told MO about it. He said I HATE FIELD TRIPS, I DON'T WANT TO GO UNLESS YOU OR DADDY ARE COMING! His teacher really did ask for parents to go but also said that there is always so many that volunteer that they would have to pick names from a hat to see who got to go. I did not want to mess with that and chances are we would not have been drawn and MO would have had his hopes up that we were going to be picked and then we weren't he would have just been mad. So, we just did not volunteer this time. I said MO who doesn't like field trips, are you crazy!?!? They are so much fun. Well after getting him all hyped for it I think he was finally excited about it.

When MO got into the car yesterday after school he was talking about how today was the big day, the field trip. They are going to Elm something or other (I forget what it is) at North Texas in Denton. When he got in the car he said that his teacher told them that when her son went on this same exact field trip that he was KICKED OUT! I said WHAT!?!? I said KICKED OUT! What for? He said I don't know but he was. I said MO if you EVER get kicked out of something anywhere but especially at school and especially on a field trip you will get in so much trouble when you get home! He said don't worry mommy, I always follow directions. I said YOU BETTER! He said what happened to him when he was kicked out. I said I don't know. He said did he have to walk home by himself. I said probably and that is a long way and I bet he got lost...you better just never do it and never find out what happens cause I promise it isn't good! I was telling daddy about this last night after MO went to bed. I said ya know, if I ever did get such a call telling me something like that about MO I would be like THERE HAS TO BE A MISTAKE! MY KID WOULD NOT DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT! And you know they hear this all the time! They would be like, yeah, we hear that one ALL the time. But really, if I knew my kid was like that and had the capability of such then I would not be surprised if I ever got the call. But I truly would be like NO WAY, ARE YOU KIDDING ME, SOMETHING HAS TO BE WRONG WITH HIM, WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO HIM...THERE IS NO WAY MY MO WOULD DO ANYTHING TO GET INTO TROUBLE AT SCHOOL! This may change in the coming years...I HOPE NOT...but right now that just isn't him!

This morning when I was getting him ready he was telling me he had to wear pants cause they would be crawling around digging up dinosaur bones. I said COOL. He said they aren't real. I said YES THEY ARE! He said NO MOMMY THEY AREN'T, MY TEACHER TOLD US THEY ARE FAKE! I said OH! OK! I mean I didn't want to ruin the fun! But since they don't lie to them in Kindergarten I guess I shouldn't either, huh? MO also told me he had to wear a shirt with his school name on it if they had one so if they got lost they would be easily found and everyone would know where they belong. I said well you better stay with your class and NOT get lost! He says I WONT MOMMY! He then tells me if and when they have to go potty one of the parents have to take them. I said you better not say you have to go if you don't! He says I WONT MOMMY! You think I under estimate him or WHAT!?!?

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