Saturday, February 28, 2009


Finally MC makes it into a group pic!

These are our SILLY maverick fans...minus MC!
Mr. MC himself! If you look close his onsie has his name on it. This was a gift from my sister! Click on the pic and it will be bigger.
Both OUT after my 3 mile walk!

This is my 20 pound 5 month old and my friend's TINY one month old newborn. Look how HUGE MC looks next to this tiny little thing!

This is my sister and MC

Friday, February 27, 2009


or at least for those left behind! I mean old or young (although young is WAY WORSE to me) it is sad. Even if a 100 year old person dies there is still someone that is going to miss them like crazy! Whether you are 100 or 10 when you die people are going to miss that person. Yes, that 100 year old had a LONG life and all...they probably had a good life, did all the things they wanted to, BUT THERE IS STILL SOMEONE LEFT BEHIND THAT IS GOING TO MISS THEM and that just stinks! Even knowing that person is hopefully in heaven and in a much better place than we are, you are still going to miss them. Yes, they are out of pain (if they were in it before) and they no longer are worried about their illness (if they had one) but they are still going to be missed! All of the things that are said when someone dies...THEY ARE ALL TRUE but it doesn't make you NOT MISS THEM EVERY MINUTE OF EVERYDAY probably UNTIL THE DAY YOU DIE! And to me, THAT STINKS!

My pawpaw (my moms dad) died like 18 years ago...IS THAT RIGHT?? Man, it doesn't seem like it has been that long ago. I still remember when he was here like it was yesterday. I still miss him as much as I did 18 years ago when he died! After 18 years I still wish he was here to talk to and laugh with AND AT! He was so funny and he didn't even know he was which made him even funnier! I wish my husband would have known him, I wish my boys would have known him, I WISH HE WAS STILL HERE WITH US! I am not saying when he was here there wasn't challenges we all went through because of him or there weren't constant issues we all dealt with because of him or that sometimes he wasn't such a great person. I know he wasn't the best husband or the best dad BUT I can honestly say, even with all his problems and issues that HE WAS THE BEST PAWPAW I COULD HAVE EVER HAD and I never would have traded him for another one! I miss him and even with all the things we went through with him and because of him I would still want him back, even if just for a day...a week...a month...I WOULD TAKE ANYTHING TO JUST HUG HIM ONE MORE TIME AND TELL HIM HOW MUCH I LOVE HIM! It stinks even more to have to watch your loved one die. I mean ok, you still have them with you and you still can tell them you love them but when they are no longer themselves and they are in pain and suffering you almost want them to die (as bad as that sounds) just so they can be themselves again and not be in pain and not to have to suffer anymore, ya know!? I can remember when my pawpaw was in the hospital at the end. IT WAS AWFUL! He couldn't breathe good, not sure he even knew we were there with him...IT ALL STINKS! I really hate even remembering those days! I LOVE AND MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY PAWPAW and will until the day I die (no matter how much time has passed since you left us)! I cant wait to see you again and to hug you again and I just hope you know how much I know that my sister and I loved you and how much we miss you and what we wouldn't give to be able to have you here again with us! And I know that my mom also loved you...LOVES YOU and MISSES YOU like crazy too!

I wanted to write more on this and intended to but now I am just sad and no longer feel like writing about it! I am sorry for everyone that has ever lost someone or ever will, which is EVERYONE, its just a part of life we all have to go through and it never gets easier.

If you are the praying kind please say some extra prayers for my uncle, aunt and cousin, they are going through exactly what I have explained above and IT ALL STINKS RIGHT NOW! I just want my uncle to get better and back to himself or to go be with JESUS. I don't want him to be here and to suffer and to not be himself and for his wife and daughter to have to watch him have to go through all of this...IT STINKS! But I also know it is GOD'S WILL NOT OURS! GOD will do HIS will in HIS TIME NOT OURS!

Just love your life and your loved ones while you have them cause in literally a minute things can change FOREVER!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Remember when you were in school (K - 5th or 6th) and going on field trips? I remember loving field trips! I mean who doesn't like field trips?? You get to be gone all day long from school and you don't have to do the "normal" school get to ride on a bus to and from and then by the time you are back at school its time to go home!

WHO DOESN'T LIKE FIELD TRIPS, I ASKED...MO of course! Not that he really knows if he does or not, he has never been on one. Back before Christmas, I think it was, they had a field trip planned at school to go to the zoo and MO was really excited about it but I guess just because daddy was going too. Well MO was sick this day and was not able to go on the field trip or enjoy daddy being with him either!

So when I knew there was another field trip coming up I told MO about it. He said I HATE FIELD TRIPS, I DON'T WANT TO GO UNLESS YOU OR DADDY ARE COMING! His teacher really did ask for parents to go but also said that there is always so many that volunteer that they would have to pick names from a hat to see who got to go. I did not want to mess with that and chances are we would not have been drawn and MO would have had his hopes up that we were going to be picked and then we weren't he would have just been mad. So, we just did not volunteer this time. I said MO who doesn't like field trips, are you crazy!?!? They are so much fun. Well after getting him all hyped for it I think he was finally excited about it.

When MO got into the car yesterday after school he was talking about how today was the big day, the field trip. They are going to Elm something or other (I forget what it is) at North Texas in Denton. When he got in the car he said that his teacher told them that when her son went on this same exact field trip that he was KICKED OUT! I said WHAT!?!? I said KICKED OUT! What for? He said I don't know but he was. I said MO if you EVER get kicked out of something anywhere but especially at school and especially on a field trip you will get in so much trouble when you get home! He said don't worry mommy, I always follow directions. I said YOU BETTER! He said what happened to him when he was kicked out. I said I don't know. He said did he have to walk home by himself. I said probably and that is a long way and I bet he got better just never do it and never find out what happens cause I promise it isn't good! I was telling daddy about this last night after MO went to bed. I said ya know, if I ever did get such a call telling me something like that about MO I would be like THERE HAS TO BE A MISTAKE! MY KID WOULD NOT DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT! And you know they hear this all the time! They would be like, yeah, we hear that one ALL the time. But really, if I knew my kid was like that and had the capability of such then I would not be surprised if I ever got the call. But I truly would be like NO WAY, ARE YOU KIDDING ME, SOMETHING HAS TO BE WRONG WITH HIM, WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO HIM...THERE IS NO WAY MY MO WOULD DO ANYTHING TO GET INTO TROUBLE AT SCHOOL! This may change in the coming years...I HOPE NOT...but right now that just isn't him!

This morning when I was getting him ready he was telling me he had to wear pants cause they would be crawling around digging up dinosaur bones. I said COOL. He said they aren't real. I said YES THEY ARE! He said NO MOMMY THEY AREN'T, MY TEACHER TOLD US THEY ARE FAKE! I said OH! OK! I mean I didn't want to ruin the fun! But since they don't lie to them in Kindergarten I guess I shouldn't either, huh? MO also told me he had to wear a shirt with his school name on it if they had one so if they got lost they would be easily found and everyone would know where they belong. I said well you better stay with your class and NOT get lost! He says I WONT MOMMY! He then tells me if and when they have to go potty one of the parents have to take them. I said you better not say you have to go if you don't! He says I WONT MOMMY! You think I under estimate him or WHAT!?!?

Friday, February 20, 2009

C3 at Fellowship Church in Grapevine

This week at Fellowship Church in Grapevine they have been hosting the annual C3 Conference.

Its an all day event and it costs to get in but Wed, Thurs and tonight are free to the public. My husband has gone the last two nights and it has been packed and the speakers have been awesome! Tonight, me and the boys are going too. The speaker tonight is TD Jakes! I cant wait!

Anyone is more then welcome to come tonight! There is child care! It starts at 630...get there early!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Those of you that know me are probably thinking, POTTY TRAINING?? Seeing as though I have a 6 year old, a 4 year old and an almost 5 month old...who could I be talking about? I mean obviously my 5 month old is not ready to be potty trained and surely my 4 and 6 year old already are...

No, my 5 month old is not ready to be potty trained and yes my 4 year old is totally potty trained...oh, yes, I guess that leaves my 6 year old you are wondering about.

MO is of course in underwear ALL DAY EVERYDAY! But at night is a different story, or really anytime he sleeps. He still sleeps in pull ups at night and every morning when he wakes up it is soaked! There is NEVER a morning it isn't soaked. He does not drink a ton or near bedtime, this is not the issue. MS drinks more than any child I know and he has been wearing underwear at night for a while now. MS even wakes up at least once, maybe twice for drinks during the night and he still stays dry. When MS wakes in the morning I have to make him go potty, if I didn't he still wouldn't have to go then. But then I have MO that is 6 and cant stay dry at night EVER. We have talked to him about this and told him that if and when he needs to go potty he needs to get up and go like mommy and daddy do. He tells us he never knows when he has to go or even when he goes.

This worries me a little, I mean what will end this and make him like a normal kid that sleeps in underwear?? I don't see what will fix this or what I can do to help fix it. He ALWAYS goes to the potty before bed, ALWAYS, but this doesn't matter or help. And you would think that if this was something he could help or fix he would seeing as though his LITTLE brother sleeps in underwear at night and he doesn't!



Tuesday, February 17, 2009


OK, so the only time I feel good about what I feed my kids is when they are in the stage of eating baby food! Its like the only time it seems they are eating healthy! I always say they are going to eat healthy afterwards too but it hasn't happened so far.

I mean I cook spaghetti which I guess isn't bad and my older two like this and eat it good. I will make tacos, MO likes the crunchy ones and MS could eat soft tacos for like every meal if I had it. They both love pizza, the frozen and mostly the kind you order. They both will eat cereal or a frozen sausage biscuit for breakfast. They both love nuggets from McDonald's or the chicken strips from sonic, MS never eats fries, just wants the chicken but MO will eat the fries plus some cheese sticks! Oh yeah, they both will eat taco burgers too! And what kid doesn't like candy!?!?

MO will eat turkey sandwiches good until he is burned out on them but only with Cheetos or funyuns, and this is usually for a snack when he gets home from school! He likes chicken sandwiches but the breaded, fried, crispy kind! He loves Frito pie, nachos, bean and cheese tostados, pepperoni hot pockets and all those REAL healthy meals! I will make all these things for him here at home or heat it know what I mean. MS wont eat any of these things. MO does eat at school pretty much everyday for lunch, which surprises me! What MO eats is ONE reason we keep him in sports!

MS will eat a turkey lunchable pretty much everyday for lunch until burned out on them, same with hot dogs, he interchanges these two. MS would eat fruit chews all day, every day if I let him! He eats cereal good and then the soft tacos and that is pretty much about it, I mean besides McDonald's or sonic! He would actually skip meals if I didn't make him eat or eat chocolate for every meal, too! MS is skinny and its because he eats like a bird and would eat even less if I let him.

Now back to baby food. I am just now starting MC on baby food. He really isn't suppose to start this for another two weeks but he wont eat cereal (and I don't want to add fruit to it - I am afraid he wont eat the veggies if I do this), none of my boys would eat cereal. Right now I am just testing which baby foods he will eat or become use to. I will offer it to him like once a day right now, hopefully in a couple of weeks he will be use to it and eat like a whole jar or two or whatever it is they are suppose to be eating at that point. I am trying the yuckier ones first, I attempted peas with him yesterday, he was having none of it. Every time I pushed a bite into his mouth he would push it right back out with his tongue. Today I tried carrots with him. He seemed to maybe like them a little, or at least thinking about liking them, or at least better than the peas. I think he swallowed a few bites and also pushed some out but I am not sure if him pushing the food out is because he doesn't like it or he doesn't really know what to do with it. Carrots were better than the peas. I have squash and sweet potatoes, my other two boys loved these! I am saving these for last! The squash, sweet potatoes and I think some mixed veggies were pretty much the only baby food my other two boys ate. I never gave them meat or fruit in baby food. And then of course they started eating "human" food probably sooner than they should have!

So anyway, the only things that MC will eat right now is his formula, (you would think if they like this stuff they would like any and all baby foods!) and then the few bites I can push into his mouth of peas or carrots! I am in no hurry for him to eat McDonald's or pizza or the rest of the junk that sooner or later he will love. Although, it is much easier when he starts eating "human" food and I hate the way he looks at us when we are eating like he knows what it is or something or would actually eat it. His little lips just start watering and his little tongue will lick like he wants a bite...

Any advice for this third time around baby feeder?? Don't think I did so well the first two times around!



Monday, February 16, 2009


MS getting ready to go!
Uncle and MO
MS and MO on snow castle
Daddy and MS
Grandpaw and MO
MO looking cool!
Daddy and MO
Daddy, unlce, MO and MS

They had a blast and can't wait until next year's trip!

Misc. pics...trying to catch up here!

MY little valentine!

Boys cousin vday party at his school.

My sister's twins in their vday attire!

My handsome baby boy, "Mr. Chubby" himself, on our trip to visit my brother at college.

Pre ski trip...will post some of the trip soon!

A few pics from when we babysat the boys cousins. They are eating on the floor because they are eating ice pops and it was too cold to do so outside so the next best place was the kitchen floor!

A few pics from when MO was home that whole week...welll minus a day...with the viral infection and fever. As you will notice he doesnt look sick AT ALL!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


So its been a while since I have last made a post! When I started this blog I wanted to try to at least post once a day during the week and then anything more would just be extra. Well, that was before I knew I would get strep throat for the first time in 15 years and it be worse than I ever had it!

Saturday we went to church with my sister and her family and then to dinner at Ojedas, it was great! My nephew came home with us to spend the night with the boys. ALL the boys played from the time we got home until about which time we all turned into bed. I got in bed with MC laying on my chest and while getting him to sleep I was reading a book I have been trying to finish for like a month now.

I woke up once during the night to feed MC and still felt fine. But sometimes between that feeding and the morning something went WRONG! When I woke up Sunday morning my throat was really sore when I would swallow...I have had this before and it gets better but this feeling was different. I just laid in bed for a while to see if I would start feeling better. Daddy finally came in at almost noon and asked me when I thought I would be getting out of bed for the day. I said something is wrong with me, I don't feel good and my throat is really hurting.

I stayed in bed all day. I felt worse and worse and FAST! Daddy finally had to take MO to soccer practice and would take MS and the nephew with him but brought MC up to me. I said you are going to have to bring me his activity saucer up and a bottle. They would be gone for maybe a couple of hours and I figured I would be OK with MC cause I figured I could get him to lay down with me and go to sleep...YEAH RIGHT! I called daddy crying and telling him I could not do this with MC feeling the way I was. I said I will not be able to get myself to the doc tomorrow either and especially not with having to get two other people ready to go too, I knew I couldn't even get myself ready to go! Daddy said well maybe I can call in and stay home...HE NEVER DOES THIS...and later said he couldn't! So I did what all people in my situation would do...I called MY MOM bawling! She said WHAT IS WRONG!?!? I said I don't feel good and now the daddy says he cant stay home tomorrow and I cant take care of MC like this much less get myself to the doc.

Sunday night my mom and uncle came over and picked up MC to take back to their house for who knew how long...I hated this, I knew he would cry...HE WAS JUST FINE! By this point I could not eat, drink or take any med cause I could not swallow. I was up all night crying and just feeling awful! Daddy finally did see that I HAD to have him home Monday just to get to the doc, if nothing else! He called and got me an appt and worked from home till we had to go. Then once we were in the car he hopped back on the phone and continued to work some more...stayed on the phone while he was checking me in and right up until we were called back. I told him I needed him to come back, which meant him and MS, but I could not talk for myself!

By the way, this was also my weight loss appt, I lost another 10 pounds, so that is a total of 43 for me in I think 3 mos. But I could have cared less at this point! The nurse takes my temp, I don't even remember what she said it was but she was freaking out at how high it was which was another reason I was feeling so bad, I could not swallow any med! Then she looked at my throat and said oh my gosh, it does NOT look good in there. She did a strep test and a flu test...I really thought they both would come back positive as bad as I was feeling...the strep was positive but the flu was negative. The doc came in, looked at my throat, said the same thing, asked me where in the world I got strep from, which I attempted to answer I HAVE NO IDEA! He even looked in MS's throat to see if his throat looked bad but of course it didn't! Anyway, he gave me an antibiotic shot and sent me home with a Z pack.

We get home and I go straight to bed! I tried to take my med and some NyQuil but could not get either down. I was dying of thirst but could not even swallow my own spit at this point. I tried to lay back down...I was miserable, I would get up two or three diff times and just run hot water in the bath tub and soak in it and then get way too hot and get out and lay back down. I could not sleep, I felt too bad!

My mom came by after work Monday to see if Jacob wanted to go back home with her, which he did, which I was happy about because the next day daddy was going back to work and it would just be me at home. Now both my little boys were taken care of, my sister, her husband and my mom were taking care of them! My mom was coming by Tuesday morning to take MO to school and she was going to try to pick him up too.

Monday night into Tuesday was more awful than the night before. I still felt terrible, the shot didn't seem to do anything and I could not take the med he sent me home. I was dying of thirst and the whole time I am thinking the first thing they are concerned about with little one is dehydration, why are they not worried about that with me?!?! I really just wanted to be put in the hospital and given fluids through my veins and I just wanted to be knocked out and not wake up until I was ALL better!

I went back to the doctor Tuesday! MO had to go with me...AND YOU KNOW HOW MUCH HE TALKS! I could barely talk and when I did it killed me but I told him NOT to talk to anyone so we could get in and out! This visit took WAY longer than any of my appts have ever taken and I was pretty much the only patient there! Oh, and by the way, MO didn't exactly keep his little mouth closed either, not that I actually thought he would! Finally, they gave me another shot like the one I got the day before and a steroid shot and she gave me another prescription to take once I could swallow again. Before MO would let the nurse give me my shots he made her pull the curtain around us so that he could not see it, he said he would freak out if he even saw the band aid...he is so silly!

My mom picked MO up after the doc appt and my prescription and dropped off my med and got MO something to eat. By the time I got home from the doc office I felt so much better! I could eat and drink! I should have gotten those shots from the beginning! I had a great night sleep Tuesday night, slept in Wednesday morning and finally got up to try and cleanse my house of all my yucky sick germs before I brought my kids back home! I picked MO up from school and we headed to my sister's to see my other two boys!

It was really great to have all my boys back! I also had a great dinner! My sister made baked pork chops with rice and green beans and it was really good! I think beside that meal all I did Wednesday was DRINK! I was so thirsty plus I had been dreaming about what I would drink when I could. I drank a sprite first, then orange juice, then iced tea and then just water and it was all delicious! I still don't feel back to 100% yet...I still feel a little sluggish and just not all there yet. Today is my first day back to my full responsibilities and I love it! I like having my life back to where it should be! AND I thank GOD for my family!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


MO was home again today SICK! More fever, more throat hurting, more talking for 10 minutes before taking Tylenol or Motrin and then taking a gallon of water and an m&m between each tiny sip...I HATE SEEING MY BOYS SICK! Daddy woke him up this morning in hopes to get him into the bath and off to school but that didn't happen. MO was running fever, so after the bath he complained that his tummy was hurting which only meant he didn't think he could take the Motrin without throwing up so daddy didn't make him. MO got back in bed and curled up next to me with a cold wet rag on his head. I could only take about 1o minutes of his HOT little body next to me and knowing he was burning up with fever...we got up and he took his medicine and then we went back to sleep until MC woke us up. When MO woke back up he was great! But since this was the third day of missing school I called to get a doc appt because I figured I would need a doctors note anyway. Meanwhile my sister called and said she was on her way to take one of the twins to the doc and wanted us to meet them at McDonald's afterwards.

We got up, I called to get MO an appt and both Flower Mound and Lewisville offices were booked for the day! They had ONE appt left at 2 in the Coppell office so I took it! When daddy called MO in sick at school they said that there were tons of kids out sick. I have never not been able to get an appt in Flower Mound...the pediatrician was booked with sick kids!

We met my sister and the twins at McDonald's. By the way, the twin she took to the doc had double ear infections. On our way out of McDonald's my sister's oldest school called to tell her to come pick him up because he was not feeling well. Long story short, my sister said that there was nothing wrong with her oldest, he said he threw up after taking a bite of pizza at lunch that was cold...throwing up was not even something the nurse said he was doing and even if it was it was not because he was sick but because the child has issues with food, he is weird like his mommy! (WHO DOESN'T LIKE COLD PIZZA??)

After McDonald's I was trying to waste time until our 2:00 doc appt. I went my my moms work and she came out and sat with us for her lunch and we talked and then we were on our way.

The doc office was packed! We are usually in and out of our appts in Flower Mound, I am usually there early and we are done before the actual appt was even scheduled. This appt took forever! They did a strep and flu test, both were negative. The ear that he just had an ear infection in a month ago looked yucky again so he was put on antibiotics for that. The fever and throat is viral, just as I thought.

MO had not ran fever all day. So after the doc appt I took them to the mall to play. I needed to get MC out of his car seat and change him and feed him anyway. MO and MS played for a while before I could see it in his eyes, MO was not feeling good AGAIN. He was burning up! We left and went by and got his fave dinner, Chick-fil-a, which he could not eat cause he was feeling too bad.

We got home, all three boys were snoozing. Sure wish there was a way to leave them in the car when they are sleeping like that...I mean just long enough to take everything in and get everything unpacked and all. BUT as I brought them in one by one they ALL woke up. MO was burning up but did not want to take his med, MS was just in a bad mood from being sleepy and MC was HUNGRY! WHERE IS DADDY!?!? Oh yeah, he is on his way home but had to stop and get MO's antibiotic that I dropped off and more chewable Motrin!

I fed MC, then MS wanted his nuggets and finally got MO to take his Motrin. Daddy was finally home! MO's fever had broke, he was feeling better and took his antibiotic better than usual and finally wanted to eat. Daddy went to snuggle with MO until he was asleep and then played some Sony with MS and then was back in his office...I was getting MC to sleep, he is still asleep in my arms.

MO will stay out of school again tomorrow, he cant go back until he is 24 hours free of fever. I watched my shows, Greys and Private Practice and now daddy is watching his recorded LOST from last night.


Tomorrow we will be heading over to my sisters for game night and we are keeping my husbands parents twins for a while. Cant wait for Saturday, CHEAT DAY! I think I am going to make homemade pizza and after church Saturday night have dinner at Ojedas...this use to be my fave place to eat and I have not been there in over a year!

Thanks for all your prayers for MO, please continue to keep him in your prayers as well as my sisters kiddos and everyone else that is sick right now!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


MO is missing his second day of school due to still periodically running fever. I totally know this is VIRAL! When he is not running fever HE COULD BE AT SCHOOL! When he is running fever he feels awful, he is crying and has the chills even though he is burning up. Yesterday his fever was 103 at one point. If he gets to the point where his fever is back and high and he is crying, his head is hurting and he is shaking from the chills then taking Tylenol or Motrin to get this HIGH awful fever to go down is not easy. MO has NEVER taken medicine good, in fact, he takes it doesn't matter if it is an antibiotic, or Tylenol or Motrin, he gets sick to his stomach just THINKING about taking it! I know it is all in his head. He doesn't even have to take a drink of the medicine to throw up, he will just throw up getting ready to take it. And when we can finally get him to calm down and take it, it takes him about 20 minutes to take his dose because he is taking such tiny drinks and following each TINY drink with a gallon of water and an M&M. Then he is ready for his next drink. After going through each of his drink rituals he looks to see how much medicine he has left and complains that even though he is drinking it that the medicine does not seem to be going down any. Are you kidding me!?!? If you would actually take a normal drink it might look as though the medicine is going down. After he has finally taken all of the medicine it usually takes 30 minutes to an hour for his fever to break. So having said that, I try to just give him Tylenol and Motrin every three hours, switching off, until I think he may be done running fever. But his viral infections in the past have lasted anywhere from a couple of days to five! So I guess we will see how he does today...I sure wish he could get back to school for the last two days of the week, especially since he is missing next Friday too!

By the way, when MS has to take medicine of any kind he has no problem, he takes his dose in ONE drink and is done and in most cases he actually thinks it was good!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Mr. MO woke up this morning at 530 and wanted to get into the bath. He always takes baths in the morning but not this early. I told him to lay back down for a little bit and then we would get up and get ready for school. He laid back down for about 10 min and wanted to get into the bath again. So I told him to go tell daddy to start his bath and then I would be in there to bathe him, daddy was already up getting ready for work and I was feeding MC.

MO loves to take baths but seems to want to take them even more when he is not feeling great. When he was in the bath this morning I heard him telling daddy that his head was hurting but he was NOT going to take anything for it. You have to know how big of a beating MO is when it comes to taking medicine of any kind. It takes forever to get him to take ONE dose of anything and chances are after he FINALLY gets it down he will throw up and we will have to do it all over again or take a breather and let him just continue to burn up with fever until he will and can take the med again and keep it down. Tylenol he use to choose over Motrin but now he prefers Motrin. The last time he had to take it he had gotten pretty good at it BUT NOT THIS MORNING!

Daddy had to leave for work and I went in to wash MO and get him out of the bath. MO was crying saying he misses daddy. MO always says this but he usually doesn't cry so I knew he must not have been feeling good also. He told me his head was hurting and I could tell by looking at him that he had fever. I washed him and got him out and took his temp. He had a slight fever and I could not get him to take the Motrin without it looking like he was going to throw it up. So I told him to just go lay back down, he was asleep in 5 minutes.

MO did not go to school. MS had not woken up yet and MC always goes back to sleep around 8 until about 10, so we all got back in bed. MO woke up after about 15 minutes of being asleep and I was telling him that he really needed to take his Motrin so he would feel better. I told him he could not miss too much school or he would not be able to go with daddy and MS on their ski trip next week, he is missing next Friday for this trip. MO popped right up and went and took the Motrin like I remembered he could take it. He was also telling me he thought he could go to school now. Well I was not going to take him to school because if I did and he was sent to the nurse running fever he would be sent home AND would miss school tomorrow, they do not allow a kid back in school for at least 24 hours after running fever. I did not want to chance him missing school today AND tomorrow although I hated that it seemed he could have gone to school now.

After we all slept a couple more hours we got up. MO is acting and feeling great, I am totally thinking he could have gone to school and I hate that feeling! I told him if he started feeling bad again to come tell me. MO and MS went to their room to play Sony.

Not too long after getting downstairs here comes MO whining and telling me he misses daddy again...I know he must not be feeling good again. He is burning up...he doesn't want med right now so I make him lay down with a cold rag on his head, he is OUT! I KNOW he probably has a VIRAL infection AGAIN! Which means running fever but nothing else wrong and when the fever is gone he is totally fine UNTIL the fever returns! And this usually takes about 4 or 5 days to run its course, which probably means missing more school this week!

By the way, just in case you don't know, there is no use taking him to the doc, they do nothing for viral infections. MO has had these since he was 5 or 6 months old!

I have MO snoring on the couch and MC snoring in my lap! MS is where he always is...PLAYING SONY! Say an extra prayer for MO, he really needs to get well soon! THANKS!


Monday, February 2, 2009


We have started having GAME NIGHT in our household. We have adult games for me, my husband, my sister and her husband to play and we have kid games for all our kids to play MINUS the little ones, which include THE TWINS and really still MS too. THE TWINS not being able to play causes somewhat of a problem and we have to listen to screaming and crying for a while but they eventually start playing with MS, not that it makes things any quieter in the house but at least everyone is happy.

With the adults ALL being quite competitive, our games can get somewhat heated but we always have fun! My sister and I now know my husband and her husband cannot play on the same team anymore because they cheat which leads everyone to believe they beat us every time but we know that cant be the case!

And the kids that play their games which consist of MO and his cousin have inherited the competitiveness from their mommies so their games NEVER GO SMOOTH. In fact they cant play any of their games by themselves or they always end up fighting and saying the other is cheating. Nan Nan is usually the lucky one that will play with them to keep them both in line and even then they both still pout when the other wins. Now this pouting from losing they certainly DID NOT GET THIS BEHAVIOR FROM THEIR MOMMIES! We always lose gracefully! :)

Well around our household MO has made game NIGHT into game DAY. He is addicted to playing games, HE LOVES IT. He will constantly ask me or daddy to play with him, this is during the week and on the weekends. We try to tell him the games are for the weekends and when we are all playing...but of course daddy gives in every time and has played several games during the week and on weekends whenever MO wants to. Daddy, MO, MS and I were playing Are You Smarter Than A 5Th Grader the other day, its the Disney addition. The first game came down to mommy and daddy and lets just say I AM NOT SMARTER THAN A 5Th GRADER but I am NOT going to look into daddy's makeshift TV camera and tell HIM this! I HATE LOSING TO HIM...BUT MO DID NOT GET THE WAY HE ACTS AFTER LOSING GAMES FROM ME! MO gets so mad after he loses that he actually gets into trouble...daddy looks at me and says, I WONDER WHERE HE GETS THAT BEHAVIOR FROM?? NOT ME! I do not cry and get real mad, I just do not look into his FAKE camera and tell him I am not smarter than a 5Th grader! I said he is 6, he should not get mad when a mommy and daddy that are 33 and 35 beat him...he should just kind of expect it...ya know!?!? NOT THAT THIS IS THE CASE EVERY GAME, MO has his winning moments! Anyway, MO gets real close every time to being grounded from playing any of his games for a while.

Game night is actually great and we have a lot of fun...its a cheap night and something to do that the kids enjoy doing too...or most of the time anyway...or at least two of them enjoy it...the little ones have fun running around the house chasing each other and being really LOUD! I for one know that I could do a lot better on our games if I could think a little better and clearer without all the noise but it all comes with the territory!