Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Is 5 months early to be getting your first tooth? For some reason I am thinking it is...I know my other two boys did not get their first tooth this early. I knew he had been doing some weird things with his mouth and tongue lately, but we have been thinking he has been teething since he was like 3 months old! Anyway, my mom was with us yesterday and felt his lower gums and could feel a tooth! I can for sure feel one but I think I might can feel TWO! I cant wait until the tooth or teeth pop up and you can see them, it will be so cute, I mean IF he can get any cuter!! (only my opinion of course)

While we are talking about Mr. Chubby...he is eating baby food and liking it, well he is eating sweet potatoes and squash and liking it. But he is eating almost a whole container each time I feed him which is about lunch time and then at dinner time and then not drinking a whole bottle. So I am thinking he is eating too much baby food because I know that his formula intake should not go down just because he is eating baby food now. Yesterday I just fed him about half a container and then stopped, which he was not happy about, then he drank his whole bottle. Or maybe I should let him have his bottle first and then feed him the baby food and he can eat as much or as little as he wants then! Maybe I should look up how much baby food he should be eating at 5 months old.

While I have the time to post I may as well write more since MC is being good right now.

MO had a soccer game yesterday. He really drives me nuts when it comes to his sports. YES, we wanted all our boys to want to play sports and be good at them but we now know that may not happen, well at least not with MO anyway. And we have gotten ok with it, we are NOT forcing him to play anything, we are asking him before signing him up if he wants to play and when he says yes we sign him up! But once we have passed the sign up phase then there is no turning back, WE DO NOT LET HIM QUIT ANYTHING but I can promise if we did HE WOULD! He has already made it clear he will not play football again...and we are talking about FLAG, he hated his first season of it and would have quit if we would have let him and believe me it was so bad we were really re-thinking the whole, HE IS NOT QUITTING ANYTHING ONCE HE HAS STARTED IT! I think the coach even would have encouraged us to LET HIM QUIT! Anyway, he says he loves soccer and wants to play but he hates every practice and every game and CRIES...YES HE CRIES, which really drives us insane! Yesterday in the car heading to his game I told him I did not understand why he wanted to play if he hates everything about it, he said he didn't understand it either!! WHAT!?!? Yesterday was the first soccer game I was able to go to with it being so darn cold and windy the last two Saturdays and not wanting to take MC out and on the way to his game I threatened him big time about the whole crying thing or telling his coach NO when they were wanting to put him in. YES HE TELLS HIS COACH NO and MO is not like that, he doesn't tell adults NO when they tell him to do something...he did this in football too! I told him if he did that again or cried that he would be forever done with all sports AND his Sony PlayStations PERIOD! I told him I would spank his little butt in front of everyone...I think he was about to start crying as I was telling him all of this but I knew he knew better. He did great last night and after the game is back to, I LOVE SOCCER! That is just it with him, after all the crying and I don't want to play he gets out there and usually does really good! We think we know what the bottom line is...MO does not like to run and get tired or hot or get knocked down and get hurt...ok, who really does, but when it comes to sports most little boys forget about it and doesn't even realize when they get hurt or tired or whatever. Last night we were sitting on the stands watching the game, MO was not in yet. About that time we hear him calling our name behind us, I told him to get back on the bench with his team...he said I just wanted to tell you...and he holds up his hand to do the sign language of I LOVE YOU! I said ok, love you too now get back on the bench. After he was back on the bench I just shake my head, my husband says I know, that's not normal...NO IT ISN'T! He is more worried about signing to us that he loves us than his game that is in progress...most 6 year olds DO NOT DO THIS! We have come to the conclusion that MO is going to be our smart one, WHICH I WOULD RATHER HAVE...REALLY! But he is going to be our smart one and probably be into music and guitars and such, NOT SPORTS! If he survives any sport it MIGHT BE baseball!

MS on the other hand may not be as smart as MO (not that we really know that now, but he is NOT where MO was at his age) but I think he is going to be our sports guy! MS cant wait to get out there and play, he is not worried about getting hurt or hot or signing to us that he loves us!

I guess only time will tell us what our three boys will become...I CANT WAIT TO SEE THIS! I mean I CAN WAIT, I know one day we are going to miss THIS, our life NOW, but it is going to be fun seeing what each of them do with their lives and what interests they take up and all, ya know!?!?

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Nikki B. said...

it is great to see the kids playing and doing things they like. seeing what kind of people they will be. i'm def having more fun now as a that they are older!!