Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Daddy, MO and MS went camping with uncle Ben and their cousin! They had a blast until it was cut short due to MO getting sick...sore throat and running fever. Daddy took MO to the doctor today and his strep was negative but he had a bacterial infection (tonsilitis). He was given TWO shots and sent home on antibiotics, if his fever is not gone by tomorrow and he isn't feeling drastically better we are suppose to take him back to the doc! The doctor also referred us to an ENT to have MO's tonsils taken out this summer. I knew this was coming and know that he needs this done! MO has tonsils like I do! I was sick ALL THE TIME when I was younger with my throat and just recently when I thought I was dying! I should have had my tonsils taken out when I was younger and should still now but I have heard it is pretty rough the older you get.

The pics are of MO, MS and two of their cousins from their camping trip!

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Heidi said...

So I guess we should update this with the picture of him IN the hospital. I hope little man gets to feelin better ASAP!