Sunday, March 8, 2009


this was the first soccer game of MO's that i was able to take MC to...this was the first time that the other soccer moms have ever seen MC. last soccer season i had just had him and of course never had him out then. when anyone would come over to see him they were ALL shocked at how BIG he was...they would all ask, HOW OLD IS HE? then they were all like, LOOK AT THOSE EYES...did your other two have eyes that blue? i told them that my other two boys DID have eyes that blue at his age but eventually changed to hazel, which is daddy's eye color. i wonder if MC's eyes will change too...I HOPE NOT!

here is my little (I MEAN BIG) angel boy!

for all the family that is reading this...ISNT THIS TOTALLY ME AND KELL MADE OVER?? I so see us, when we were his age, in this pic! MC is so a clone of MS which means he is so ME!! MO is the only REAL mayfield we have...he is his daddy made over! here is mini-ME...

here is a pic of MO (when he was still happy) with his baby brother!

and here, if you look close enough, is MO crying because he is about to play in his soccer game...WHY you ask...HECK IF WE KNOW!

he was even the captain!


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Kel said...

he does look alot like us, really like you with that ROUND face, you know what I mean! I don't understand Jack....I guess maybe he shouldn't play anymore, yall really should try and put him in guitar lessons or something, it can't be that much more than what sports are and I think he would love that and would be so good at that!!