Monday, March 2, 2009


I was tagged by Nikki at and now have to list 6 weird things about me. I asked my sister to tell me 6 weird things about me and she said I could have told you a million if you would not have asked me cause I KNOW you are weird but she couldn't think of anything at the time. I know I am pretty weird too when it comes to certain things, lets see if I can come up with those things...

1. When I walk into my house and know that my husband and the boys or whoever has been there without me for a long period of time I am not in a good mood and can instantly tell what is out of place or if something has been moved or broke or whatever and walk straight to whatever it is and start grilling my husband about it...I instantly start straightening things up, I cant stand for anything to be out of place in my house for too long...cant stand for dishes to pile up in my sink...I am a little overboard about it and it drives my husband (and kids) crazy and has caused multiple arguments...

2. I should be sleeping when my husband and kids are all tucked away in bed and snoozing but I look at that time as MY time that I can actually get stuff done FOR what I am doing now.

3. If I think of a piece of clothing or shoes or something that I know I use to have and see them in a pic or something but know I don't have them anymore and know that my mom and sister share clothes and shoes, I will call them and bug them about the items until they locate them and give them back to me...I cant stand not to know where my stuff is at all times or have it all in its neat little place where it belongs so that the next time i go looking for it it will be there. Drives my mom and sister crazy!

4. I will only sleep in a silk, short, sleeveless gown at night...I have three and the first two look awful and my mom and husband try to get me to throw them out but I wont, even when I get a new one! Anything but silk is too hot!

5. I really don't like people in general or like to talk much to people, especially people I don't know...I don't say what I should to be people when they are wrong because I don't want to make someone feel stupid or make them feel bad...once a guy thought I was my sister and I didn't tell him any different because I am like WHY would someone just assume I am her when he knows she has a I am talking to him like I am her and answering his questions and stuff and then he asks me out and again its hard for me to say no to people and things, i don't want to make them feel bad, so I say yes. Then I call my sister to tell her she has a date with this guy and she says NO I DON'T and I said YES YOU DO, I just made it for you. She throws a fit and says she doesn't like this guy and I am like well then you better call and cancel your date then...she said you are going since you made it and I said NO I AM NOT...I am not sure what happened in this situation but I know I didn't go on the date! Or like when my sister and I are getting our nails done and I don't like what the lady is doing to my nails instead of telling the lady that I will look at my sister and just shake my head and she will look at the lady and be like she doesn't like her nails, can you redo them and the lady looks at me like, can you not talk. Or once I started working at this new job and again I don't like talking to people really and especially not people I don't know well, so at lunch I would not go into the kitchen cause I was afraid there would be "people" in there so I would just go sit in my car in a parking garage and if and when I saw someone from my work walking by I would duck...I KNOW I AM WEIRD!

6. I don't like being told NO. So much that with my pregnancies I almost had my babies with no epidural because I was afraid to go to the hospital and be told to go back home that it was not time...this was actually the exact reason I did NOT have an epidural at all with my third one! You would think I would learn!

So now I will tag 6 people to do the same!

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Heidi said...

Shelly, you are weird. I mean in a OCD, clean, orderly way... I am so your opposite, but that makes me weird too. Thanks for the tag...

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

I'm with Heidi. I'm so not overly orderly. I hace stacks of dishes and it seems my husband and I have a sand off to see who will cave first!
I am not great with talking to new people either but I've gotten better. But I'd totally sit in my car to avoid uncomfortable situations too. But I would find something to pretend to do when people passed instead of ducking

Pam said...

Weird? oh my... thanks for the tag... i'll have to go ask one of my sisters what is weird about me too!! :0