Monday, March 23, 2009


Just wanted to let everyone know that MO is much better! AND he is a pro at taking his medicine now...this may just be what he needed to get him over being such a BAD medicine taker!

In my post before this I said how happy I was that they were able to give us one of his antibiotics in a capsule since it tasted so bad and this way we could just take the capsule apart and sprinkle it on food or something, especially since he is already so bad at taking even just Motrin or Tylenol! Well, this didn't work out exactly as we had hoped. The first time he took the capsule we put it in yogurt which he doesn't really like anyway but needs to be eating it to put the good bacteria back in him that has been taken out since he has been so sick. So when he was telling us he could not take the med in yogurt cause it tasted so bad we thought it was just because he didn't like the yogurt. So I finally said OK, I will put it in chocolate pudding then but this is it, we cant waste anymore capsules! So I put a SECOND capsule in chocolate pudding which he eats all the time! When he took his first bite he said I cant do this either. I said too bad, YOU HAVE TOO! He was crying, I said MO, this is chocolate pudding, I know it cant be that bad. Daddy went over and took a little bite and about threw up...he said that is so bad, no wonder he cant eat it, daddy said it tasted like metal. I was like, OK DADDY YOU CAN HUSH NOW, what you are saying is NOT going to help the situation!

So now we are on our THIRD capsule, we thought we would make him a slushy with Popsicles and we added a ton of sugar...but I was like he has to take this capsule THREE times a day (for 12 more )days, we cant go through this every time. And of course the slushy was nasty too but daddy had had enough and went over to MO and held his nose for him and told him you have to eat this whether you like it or not and he shoved two bites into his mouth...yeah, not such a great idea! MO threw up everything he had eaten that morning plus his other antibiotic and his stomach medicine he had already taken! We had wasted a whole days worth (THREE capsules) of this antibiotic and he still hadn't gotten one down!

I was like I don't know what we are going to do. We are going to end up back in the hospital. The med we were sent home on was the same he was taking in the hospital but in the hospital it was through his IV NOT HIS MOUTH! MO actually likes IVs now because he knows they can give him all the medicine they want and he doesn't have to taste any of it! We finally told him our only hope was him swallowing this capsule. We told him if he could do that he would not have to taste it at all, all he had to do was swallow it. We gave him a break and then about 30 minutes later he said he was ready to try and swallow the capsule. I told him with capsules all he had to do was put it in his mouth then fill his mouth with water and put his head down and the capsule would float to the back of his throat and all he had to do was swallow and it would go down his throat. He tried this and it didn't work the first time, he swallowed and all the water went down but the capsule was still in his mouth. He put more water in his mouth and held his head down for like a minute and finally looked up and said ITS GONE, I SWALLOWED IT! WE WERE BOTH SO HAPPY! I told him you don't even know what this means, this is GREAT! HE CAN SWALLOW CAPSULES AND I BET HE CAN SWALLOW OTHER PILLS TOO! WOO HOO! Our lives just got so much easier!

On a different note, go here and say some prayers PLEASE!

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