Wednesday, March 25, 2009


MO is quite the taddle tale (is this how you spell it?)! Anytime something isn't going his way he will sneak away and call daddy at work and taddle on everyone, INCLUDING ME!

This is usually how it all goes down. MO and MS actually do play well together sometimes (not often). And when I say well I mean they get along good for a little while as MO is making all the rules and changing them as it benefits him. MO always gives himself more turns or lives as he runs out and all the while MS doesn't even realize it. Then MO STILL gets mad at MS for whatever, even knowing what he is doing. MO talks to MS in a not very nice tone when MS starts doing something that MO doesn't like or when MS is doing something that MO doesn't want him to do and sooner or later MS will get tired of it and quit playing. Then MO gets mad and says MS is quitting and will tell MS daddy doesn't like when we quit so you cant but MS still does and it makes MO so mad. MO will then come taddle to me and I will say I don't blame him, you are making up all the rules and changing them when it is good for you, you give yourself more turns and then you talk to MS terrible! SO I WOULD NOT PLAY WITH YOU EITHER! MO gives me the nastiest look ever and will storm upstairs which means going to call daddy and taddle on me and MS. I wait about 10 minutes and then will call daddy and he will answer the phone cracking up. I will say so I guess MO called you. And he will say yup! Daddy says MO cracks him up at how mad he is when he calls him at MS and then MO will tell him when he came to tell me what MS was doing to HIM that I just ignored him!

I can remember when my sister's oldest son was about MO's age and MO was MS's age and they would do the same thing. My sister's son would do this to MO and now MO does it to MS and I am sure soon MS will do it to the twins and then the twins will do it to poor MC! And MC wont have anyone to do it to...poor thing, he doesn't have a chance!

NOW I NEED TO GO SO I CAN GO GET ON TO MO FOR CALLING DADDY AND TELLING ON ME! Little S - H - I - T! (I am not really saying this word, I am spelling it out!):)

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