Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the boys had soooooo much fun at WWE Smackdown tonight...but bet it wont be sooooo much fun waking up for school in the morning!

the boys posing and throwing signs up like some of their favorite wrestlers...NO, mc did NOT go too, he just would not get out of the picture! 

the boys are being super silly below as we are waiting for uncle ben to get off of work so they can head down to meet daddy at the aac.  i would blame them being this silly on them just being so excited for wwe but this is really the norm for them when they get together, sometimes it will drive you a little batty!

here are the boys in their seats before it all began...

this started at 630 and from 9 - 10 was LIVE on tv for a finale of a rookie show they have been filming...mo records EVERYTHING to do with WWE so i knew it would be recording.  when i got home i started the recording from the start...and right as it went live from the aac the camera scanned the audience from afar and then again close up and the close up was none other than BEN, JOSH & THE BOYS!!  i could not believe my eyes!!  after they went off the screen all that i could remember seeing was ben, josh and ms but figured the other two were there too, i just overlooked them.  but after watching it a 2nd time I still didnt see the other two boys, they were off the screen.  you can see mo for like a sec at the very end but ben, josh and ms are on the screen the entire time.  it was crazy when i saw them!  daddy and the boys got home about 30 mins ago and both boys were snoozing, morning will come way too early for them I ALREADY KNOW!  its NOT going to be good!!  but i still think well worth it and pretty sure they will agree, they will talk about this FOREVER!!  

THANKS DADDY AND UNCLE BEN!!  Not so sure kell and i would have enjoyed it as much as i know you two did also!  

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