Tuesday, June 15, 2010

more water fun and family visits

one of my cousins is on vacation and my mom is house sitting and dog sitting...this is Lola's cage, HE WOULD NOT STAY OUT OF IT!

an aunt, cousin and a couple of 2nd cousins came in town to go shopping, we all went to dinner...ITS NEVER A DULL MOMENT WHEN HALF OF THE PEOPLE EATING OUT ARE KIDS! 

below is my sister, 2nd cousin and ME!

all the kiddos except MC, he was by me and nannan

after we ate there was a little concert going on outside the rest. with face painters and other fun stuff...below is what the kids chose to do:

you dont see my sister's other twin cause he was being HIM!  he was the first to get his face painted cause thats just him but should have been the last to go...he got the batman mask and it looked super cute but after he saw one of the other boys with something different he wanted that and threw a fit.  his mask ran down his face cause of his tears!

my cousin and her son came back to our house afterwards so that he could play with the boys for a while.  my cousins daughter went home with my sister and the twinks for the night!


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