Sunday, May 30, 2010


began with me getting my miles in!  left the house at 8:15!!  daddy fed all the boys breakfast and we headed out to our first trip of the year to the pool.  you can tell we were pretty early getting there cause it was still empty, but that didnt last long!  think we were at the pool for a couple of hours then had to make a quick run to target while daddy and the boys grabbed us sandwiches for lunch.  then home to put stuff up and daddy and jameson washed the cars!  we all showered and got ready for church, which was really good as usual, then headed to shops of highland village for dinner.  i did not plan to eat anything so let daddy pick where he wanted to go.  he chose somewhere i would have never ever picked, ROCK FISH!  the boys werent happy with the selection and when we sat down MS asked where the chips and hot sauce was...guess we eat mexican food a little too much, huh??  when we walked in MO said it smelled terrible, lucky for the boys and myself, we sat outside!  daddy ordered something that looked yucky but he loved it, the boys ordered chicken strips, pizza and fries, all of which were really good!  so in the end everyone was happy and we all concluded that we could go back as long as we sat on the patio!  boys wanted ice cream afterwards then we came home and watched the worst movie ever, THE ROAD!!  DONT WATCH IT!!  MC has been asleep for a while now, the other two boys just went upstairs and i am headed that way shortly.  we have to be at the pool again tomorrow by 11AM for a bday party!!  ENJOY THE PICS FROM OUR DAY:

and this next pic is a frequent activity in our household!
the only thing you dont see in this pic is ME on my computer at the same time! 

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