Tuesday, June 22, 2010


my sister and i took the kiddos to the movies today to see TOY STORY 3...in my head i was ignoring the fact that mc had never been to a movie nor did i really think at age 1 1/2 he was ready for one.  but what i was thinking was that after we ate lunch and about the time the movie started it would be his nap time and he would fall asleep...i actually knew the only way him and i would be able to make it through the whole movie without having to get up and leave would be if he fell asleep! 

before we took all the kids in to sit down we ALL made a trip to the restroom to MAKE everyone potty whether they needed to or not!

mc did fall asleep, just as i predicted, in my sister's arms.  he slept for atleast half the movie, maybe more.  but then he started coughing because he got too hot, i think, and woke up!  here he is after he woke up and i sat him back in his seat.

and him staying seated in his seat didnt last long...

he would get up then sit down then get up then sit down...i didnt mind this so much, atleast he wasnt screaming like he normally does!  but then he started standing in his chair looking and talking to the people behind us.  he did this two times and i sat him back down two times.  we would NOT have lasted the whole movie had he not slept over half the movie!  he only lasted as he did BEFORE he fell asleep because he had candy and coke but that would have eventually ran out!

probably wont be taking mc to another movie anytime soon!

lunch for 8 (2 adults 6 kids) = $50
movie tickets for 8 (2 adults 6 kids, mc didnt have to pay plus i had 2 free tics) = $35
candy & drinks = $35
spending the afternoon with my sister & our kids = PRICELESS

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