Monday, June 28, 2010


started with playing in the fountains with cousins...

YES, there are TWO kids missing here...the oldest two!  They did not want to come and actually had a choice this time cause daddy got home from work early!!

so after playing in the fountains everyone got the wet clothes off...mine should have been better dressed had i known my sister had hers so cute!

THE TWINKS (my sisters twins)

the older two and the two daddys met us for dinner fri night

my sister and i...

saturday we didnt do sister and i hung out at the pool, we only had two kiddos (her gurl and my menace), then my sister and her fam (minus her oldest cause he thinks he has to spend 24/7 w/my oldest) went to dinner and my fam did NOTHING!  well, we watched a movie at home and ordered pizza...daddy also did the backyard!

we all got to bed earlier than usual on saturday night cause we had to get up sunday for church and a busy day!  we didnt make the early service has we had wanted but made the last one!!  then home for a quick lunch then off to lifetime fitness (our new fave place) for a workout and the boys swam.  then we had to leave there to rush to ms's indoor soccer game, which is 30 or 40 mins away, and find out once we get there the game had been rescheduled but NO ONE had been told!  so we headed for an early dinner then home!  

we had a GREAT weekend!  hope you did too!!

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