Thursday, May 6, 2010


We have gotten a few new things lately...ya know, to get us through the summer and all!

Our new sand table, more sand is on the ground than in the table thanks to MC!

Our new tables.  Picnic table for the boys to eat outside on and isnt this the cutest tic tac toe table??  MS loves to play tic tac toe!

MY new jogging stroller.  MC and I get alot of use out of this!!

Our new trampoline!

The boys had been wanting a trampoline but daddy didnt think it was a good idea, he thinks they are dangerous!  Sooooo, I compromised and found a smaller one...

Only one to two people should jump at once, so I figure it should be harder for anyone to get hurt!

AND THIS IS THE NEWEST item we have gotten...MY NEW CAR!  I LOVE IT!!

We needed this the worst of all the things above!  The lease was up on my other car and we needed something BIGGER!!  I am still figuring it all out!

We also have a new pool and slip n slide, will take pics when we have these out for the first time.  I dont think it will be long!

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Camily said...

Oh! How nice!!! I bet you get a lot of fun out of the toys for the kids! And you'll looooove your new car, I'm sure! It's beautiful!