Sunday, May 16, 2010


Our weekend started early.  Daddy was off Friday for MO's field day and fun run.  At first it looked as if it would all be cancelled due to rain but they got the fun run in and started on the field day activities just as the thunderstorms moved in so field day was cancelled.  Below are some pics from MO's fun run.

This is MO and two of MO's best buddies from school:

They are doing a crazy dance below:

They had a tunnel set up on the running path:

Can you tell the pic below is from the END of the run??

MC at the fun run

there were a few drops during the run

MO completed the max number of laps, 35.  So if you pledged money to him for his fun run and pledged a dollar a lap then please send me a check for $35.  You can just make the check to me and I will write a check for all the money.  If you pledged a flat amount then send me a check for that amount.


After MO's run he went with his class back to class and daddy, MC and I went to grab lunch to bring back to MO.  We got sonic and brought it back to the school to have lunch with MO.  We sat down to eat and MO was not eating and anyone that knows MO knows thats NOT MO!!  I asked him why he wasn't eating and he said he wasn't feeling good.  He said he thought he was going to throw up.  I told him it was just how he felt from the run and he would be fine.  He went to the restroom and came back and was fine but still not feeling real well.  We sat there a little while longer and all the sudden MO ran to daddy and then they both ran to the bathroom.  MO threw up.  I said ok, you probably feel better now that you did that and you will be fine now.  I told him to go back with his class cause I really did think he was ok now, especially because he did throw up.  I mean I figured he was feeling the way he was because of the run.  And daddy was due back at the school in like an hour to volunteer for field day so I didn't want MO to come home and miss out on field day and his dad helping out and all.  So MO stayed at school and we headed home.  As the hour passed it was getting dark and it was starting to thunder.  Daddy left to head back to the school just as it started pouring and thundering and lightening.  Just as daddy left the house the phone rang, it was the nurse at school letting me know MO was in her office crying with his stomach.  Field day was cancelled and daddy brought MO home and then went to pick MS up from his school.  MO continued to throw up the rest of the afternoon so we knew it was the bug that MS had earlier in the week and not the run.  EVEN WITH MY OWN KIDS I CAN BARELY CLEAN UP THEIR THROW UP AND NOT BE SICK FROM IT!  I hate it but of course do it cause they are my babies and I HAVE TO or daddy does, which he did plenty too!!  Well before too long there was another little brother throwing up...MC HAD IT TOO!  Can you tell from the pic below that he isn't feeling well?? 

As I am sure you know, kids don't make it to the restroom very often when throwing up.  AND THANK GOD FOR HARDWOOD FLOORS!!  But daddy and I were a little sick of cleaning it up so we brought a trash can into the living room with us.  IT WAS A CLEAN, EMPTY, WITH NEW BAG trash can.  With babies, or my baby anyway, I can tell when he is about to throw up.  He just starts acting a little weird and crying so the second time he threw up I totally called it and had the trash can right there.  The first time he threw up daddy and I were just saying how he had been really whiny that day and he did start crying a little and pulling at his stomach or chest and then it just all came out, all over him and the floor.  But after daddy rushing towards him with the trash can the second time, and successfully not getting anything on the floor, MC wanted nothing to do with the trash can after that.  So anytime I thought he was about to throw up I would race for the trash can and he would run the other direction crying not letting me get anywhere close to him with it.  By the end of the night on Friday they both seem to be over the throwing up and feeling much better but guess who wasn't feeling so hot...ME!!  I never threw up but did feel as though I could have!  I woke up Saturday morning still not feeling great.  I felt crappy most of Saturday and started feeling a little better by that night.  HOPEFULLY WE ARE DONE AND OVER THAT!!

Sunday we went to church then to the Mayfield twins birthday party: 

Then finally home to play outside for a little while...

Even though our weekend didn't start out quite as well as we would have liked I think it ended great!

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