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MC turned ONE September 29Th!! He shares a birthday with his PAWPAW that he never got to meet...GOD SURE HAS A WAY OF MAKING THINGS OK, DOESN'T HE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND WE MISS YOU PAWPAW!!


If you cant tell, he didn't like his hat on!

I made daddy hold him so I could get a few pics without him being in the act of tearing his hat off!

Can you tell he is real enthused??

You are like your don't like all the attention being on you!

He didn't really know what to think when everyone started singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I think he got a little embarrassed. He knew something was going on, he didn't like everyone staring at him and singing some crazy song! I DON'T LIKE IT EITHER BABY!!

MO blew his candle out for him!

He was not so sure about the icing on his hands. Eventually he started throwing a fit cause he wanted the icing off of him. I had to clean him up and then feed him his cupcake!

Now he did get into opening his gifts!! He had to fight the twins off his gifts...they were just HELPING, but he didn't like it!!

Of course, he wanted to play with each toy and when I tore it from his hands he would throw a fit until he realized that there was another toy in all that wrapping paper.

What he is standing on here was a favorite! My mom got him these big foam puzzle pieces. On a few of them were barn animals and when you step on them they make the noise of the animal. But his favorite one was the piece that had a frog on it and the frog was a mirror...he loves looking at himself, he thinks its so funny!

This was another favorite...well of mine, anyway! I also told my mom and sister a few things I wanted for him!! His initials below were one of the items I wanted and another was a wooden 16 X 20 frame, both these things I needed for his room. I am just now putting his room together!! His baby bed is in my room STILL and I am not sure how good I would sleep if I moved it out. But at least his room will be nice and pretty for him to play in!! I will take pics when I am done with it.

Here you can see him with the frog mirror stuck to his face!

What he has here was from Grandpa and MawMaw and another favorite!! This truck talks!!

Here is the foam puzzle thing I was talking about that my mom got him.

Here are a few more of his favorite gifts!!

And here you can see the pinata that my mom bought him. Although he never got to take a swing, I know he would have loved it!!

And here is the birthday boy...OUT, even before his pinata was hung!!

And now for the pinata...that only the big kids got to enjoy. Even the twins were looking forward to it but they were out too by the time we were able to do it. And it was pretty late, TECH played this same night and it was a late start so they had to wait for halftime.

The pic above is of MO and the one below is like another niece...its my sister's husband's sister's boyfriend's daughter...DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT AT ALL??

MS taking a swing...

Just missed Klaty!

MO again...

And because it was too dark out in the yard, once we knew it was broke, we brought it on the patio and dumped it out for them.

Did I mention that it was THE GIRL that broke the pinata??
MC, I love you so much and can't believe you are already ONE!!! You are such a BIG BOY! You started walking before your brothers did and I have no doubt that was because you just had to keep up with them! You are such THE BOY, you love to wrestle with your daddy and brothers and most the time its YOU that hurts one of them! You love your mommy but also adore your daddy and two big brothers. When daddy gets home from work and your hear the beep of the door, YOUR OFF! Sometimes you will just run up to your brothers and hug them...of course you also will just run up to them and hit them! When your brothers are sick you can tell something is just not right, you will just stare at them then go up to them and snuggle. You are the sweetest, meanest little boy I know. You for sure keep me on my toes!! You are so different from your brothers when they were your age. YOU are so much meaner than they were...and maybe I just think this because I am with you more, I don't know. But you do things that I don't remember them doing at age 1. You already get spankings!! And you don't mind them a bit, right after I spank your little fat leg or booty you are right back at what you just got spanked for! You just laugh when you get in trouble and can't wait to get out of my hands to go do it again. I tell you that I hate spanking you but I don't want you to turn into some terrible 2 or 3 year old that everyone can't stand and they just look at you like IF YOU WERE MY CHILD I WOULD BEAT YOU! Yeah, I think you will get WAY MORE spankings than your older two brothers ever did...actually, you probably already have gotten more than they ever have! You are a little monkey too. You climb on anything and everything and of course get into EVERYTHING!! You just climb stuff like you are spiderman or something. In the backyard you climb the rock wall on the swingset, you do pull ups on every countertop you can reach! At the baseball game the other night I was letting you run around and was, of course, keeping my eye on you! But I turned for a SEC and turned back and you were climbing the fence on another field, LITERALLY! You are such a handful, YOUR BROTHERS EVEN SAY THIS NOW!! BUT I WOULD NOT HAVE YOU ANY OTHER WAY!! I LOVE YOU AND CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE LITTLE TODDLER AND BOY THAT YOU TURN OUT TO BE!!

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