Tuesday, October 20, 2009



MO's actual birthday is tomorrow, the 21st, and I made him cupcakes to take to school.  I intended on making chocolate cupcakes and ice them in orange icing and then draw a black spiderweb on it and put a plastic spider on it.  Well, this turned out NOT to be as easy as I thought it would be AND my hand was killing me!  So, I did half with the spiderwebs and then did the other half easier.  THEY DID NOT TURN OUT AS GOOD AS I HAD HOPED FOR! 

I had MO's and MS's hair cut today.  I really like both their hair longer but MO's hair was just getting WAY TOO LONG and he has school pictures coming up in about a month so I needed to get his hair cut ASAP!  I never like their hair right after I get it cut but after about a month its back to where I like it.  I was telling the lady how I like their hair and she said to let her RAZOR cut it.  SO SHE DID and I LOVE IT!  She said for the longer, shaggy hair, it looks better to razor cut it as opposed to scissor cut.  Here is a pic of MS, dont have one of MO but will have one on here soon!

Here is MC about a week ago.  It was half time of the cowboy game so we let the boys ride their bikes/ride their cars.  MC is so funny!  He cant sit in the seat and reach the peddals but he can sit on the floor of the car and I can put his foot on the gas and tell him to push down and he will and off he goes!  Only problem is, HE DOESNT KNOW HOW TO STEER IT!  My mom and I were cracking up!

Here is MC's new fave toy that we were given afte the twins were tired of it!  THANKS TWINKS!  MC loves it.  He will go hop on it and make his usual growling sound to get someone's attention because he wants someone to come over and turn on the sound. 

here is a pic of MO and I this past Sunday when we had his birthday party!

MS and MO one morning before school.  The first thing I thought after looking at this pic was how MS is catching MO in the height department!  And from MC's latest well check up, he may be the tallest of them all!  I think MO might be the shortest and stockier of the three!  MO is built so different from the other two...MO is shorter and stockier and the other two are thinner and taller.

PUMPKIN PATCH PICS *when we left the house the intention was NOT to end up at the pumpkin patch*

YES, MC is throwing a fit here and it pretty much continued the rest of the time!

Our pumpkins that we carved WAY too early which is why they are already in the trash!

AND FINALLY...here is what MC's face looks like these days.  The red patch on his cheek of from our meltdown at walmart a few weeks back when he was running away but not looking where he was running to and feel on a silver hook.  The cut in his forehead is from hitting a brick FOREHEAD first.  There was more blood coming from that small cut than I had ever seen.  I was nervous, I could not get it to stop, it was gushing!  The thought to call 911 did cross my mind!  Then it finally stopped but wasnt too sure it didnt need stitches!  It is still there and not healing too good because he keeps falling on his head and breaking it back open.  He currently still has this cut plus two or three other scratches on his forehead!  He stresses me out so bad!  He is so clumbsy!  AND he is like bull in a china cabinet too!  He just pushes himself through anything and everything like he is suppose to fit thru it all! 

Will have more pics from MO's actual birthday party soon!

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