Sunday, October 4, 2009

CHURCH does a body good!!

DO you know that by bringing your child to church every week you are:

-INCREASING their average LIFE-EXPECTANCY by eight years
-Helping them build a HIGHER SELF-ESTEEM with a MORE POSITIVE ATTITUDE about life
-Significantly REDUCING THEIR RISK to participate in rebellious, dangerous or risky activities
-IMPROVING THEIR ATTITUDE at school and increasing their school participation
-Increasing their likelihood for INVOLVEMENT in sports, community activities and volunteerism
-Building a THREE-TIMES STRONGER foundation to attend church as an adult
-Providing them with a LIFE-LONG MORAL compass
-IMPROVING THEIR ODDS for a "very happy" life

Most people form their moral foundation by the time they reach 9 years old. YOUR commitment to attend church every week has a HUGE impact in your child's life.

FELLOWSHIP CHURCH in Grapevine is where my family and I attend and WE LOVE IT!! If you don't have a church home, YOU SHOULD TRY IT OUT! Or attend any church, find one you like and attend weekly! The difference in your life and that of your children will AMAZE you!

This is my SECOND post of the day so please look below for the other one!

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Laurie said...

What a inspiring post and I totally agree!:)