Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I just think people should think longer and harder about drinking...drinking so much that the next day you don't even remember the night before...drinking so much that you say or do stuff that you normally wouldn't say or do...drinking so much that you wake up the next day totally regretting the night before ever happened...drinking so much that you wake up the next morning not even knowing where you are or how your going to get home...drinking so much that the next day you feel terrible ALL DAY...drinking so much that you wake up in ICU...
I AM NOT JUDGING ANYONE...I have found myself in many of the situations above, I just want everyone to wake up and realize the dangers of getting drunk before its too late, before something has to happen to WAKE YOU UP, something that you can't take back, something that you can't reverse. I have a friend that recently did wake up in the ICU and you are probably thinking that's bad. Where she woke up is actually way better than where the other person woke up! She is in ICU with a broken leg that she has already had surgery on, a lacerated liver, a stomach that has no skin on it. She is in so much pain that what they can give her is not even helping, she had to have a blood transfusion cause she is losing blood but they are not sure from where. Oh, did I mention she has a little girl...and that the other person I was talking about NEVER DID WAKE UP, they are having to cremate him because they couldn't even find all his body parts. OK, I have to include that alcohol being involved in this story I am telling has already been denied, but just from my opinion, I'm not so sure. But my point is drinking until your drunk will make you do and say stuff that if you were not drunk you would never do or say. Drinking until you are drunk will make you make STUPID decisions like getting into a car or on a motorcycle YOURSELF or with someone else that is drunk or make you go home with someone THAT ISN'T YOUR WIFE/HUSBAND! Drinking until you are drunk will make you totally forget to GO HOME CAUSE YOU HAVE KIDS THERE TO TAKE CARE OF OR A WIFE/HUSBAND THERE WAITING ON YOU TO GET HOME. Drinking until you are drunk makes you act stupid, act like a child, act like you have no family that depends on you and loves you...I could go on forever.
Again, NOT JUDGING, BEEN THERE! I just don't think people realize how much they are risking when they get drunk. I mean its not only about YOU when you have kids and a wife/husband anymore. What if you did get drunk and got into a car or on a motorcycle with someone else that was drunk and while driving you crashed, you were killed instantly! How fair is that to your wife/husband or your kids that are waiting on you at home?? They will never get to talk to you again, or tell you that they love you again, or even see you ALIVE again! You know how much you have just messed up in the lives of the people you love the most!?!? You don't think about it that way (1) because YOU think it will never happen to you and (2) you would never intentionally totally mess of the lives of your wife/husband or your children. But guess what, when you drink so much that you get drunk and don't know how to think properly or act properly or talk properly, THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND THEY HAVE NO SAY IN IT! You could be the best wife/husband in the world, or the best mommy/daddy in the world and ONE night could change it all FOREVER!

Next time you drink and when I say drink I mean until you are drunk and no longer know what you are doing and the next day won't remember half of what you did or said the night before, THINK FIRST...THINK ABOUT YOUR FAMILY, THINK ABOUT WHAT YOUR WIFE/HUSBAND AND CHILDREN WOULD DO IF THEY WERE TOLD IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT OR THE NEXT MORNING THERE HAD BEEN AN ACCIDENT AND YOU DIDN'T MAKE IT OR YOUR IN JAIL AND WONT BE GETTING OUT ANYTIME SOON BECAUSE YOU KILLED SOMEONE! Drinking until you are drunk at home or at a bar can be dangerous! Is it really worth it?? Is it worth something terrible happening that you cant change or take back and at the same time feeling awful cause you drank so much and at the same time wishing the night before never happened or realizing (a day too late) that all you want is to be with your family and for them and you to be happy and healthy but now you have to deal with what happened the night before. STOP THINKING IT CANT HAPPEN TO YOU BECAUSE IT CAN AND WILL IF YOU DON'T STOP DOING IT! Something bad ALWAYS has to happen to open people's eyes before their behavior will stop or change...JUST ASK SOMEONE THAT HAS BEEN THERE!

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