Thursday, May 28, 2009



I took my boys to their very first play date today...YES I SAID VERY FIRST and they are 6 1/2 and 4 1/2.  I am just not that type of person really.  I talk to my kids, husband, sister, brother n law and mom and that's about it.  As some of you know, I am not a real outgoing person and if you don't know me you might even think I am rude or stuck up (do people still use this word) or even mean.  BUT REALLY I'M NOT!  If you know me, then you cant get me to shut the mom learned on our play date today.  It for sure takes more on someone else's part to get me going or talking or play dating (don't think that's exactly how you say it) or pretty much anything!  I am happy in my own little world with my kids and husband and my sister and her family and my mom.  I mean I have my husband, sister and mom to talk to and my kids have their cousins...WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED??


MS played blastball this year for Highland Village and his coach has twins on the team and the coach's wife is, well, NOT LIKE ME!  She is nice and friendly and doesn't mind coming up to you and talking.  MS really hit it off with the twins and MO, well, WHO DOESN'T HE LIKE AND TALK TO!?!?  So after one of the games the twins mom said we should get the boys together sometimes and I said yeah, they would love that and she said I will email you something.  She did and it was all set up!

STUPID ME was kind of not looking forward to it just cause I am weird like that but also was looking forward to it cause I knew the boys were really excited about it.  MO told me today not to worry about it that he would be there with me!  WELL YEAH, THAT'S KIND OF WHAT I AM NERVOUS ABOUT!  

I guess I have always shyed (not sure this is a word) away from play dates cause, well, I SHY AWAY FROM PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING and I was worried about what I would talk to the other mom about...NOT A PROBLEM TODAY!  I was always worried that my kids would not mind or make the other kids mad or something...NOT A PROBLEM TODAY (I threatened them all the way there)!


We arrived for our very first play date at about 330 at their house (ANOTHER PLUS FOR ME)!  On the way over there MS asked if there would be a dog (he use to be terrified of dogs for no apparent reason but now is better or really wants to be but still a little not sure of them) and I told him I didn't know and secretly hoping there wouldn't be one.  We get to the door and all you hear and is a dog barking...MS went from being in the front of us all to the back!  I thought this was going to be a problem but it wasn't, he was a friendly dog.  All the boys were super excited and started playing the minute we came in the door.  MC was a little fussy at first, he had just woken up, plus still has a bit of a cold and cutting three teeth and he really wanted to get to the dog which at the time was chewing on a bone so I didn't think that would be such a great idea.  Seems like I worked overtime with him, just being at someone else's house and all, but overall he did good (besides eating some sand)!  It all went good, except for the few times, MO (who else would it be) did or said a few things I was not so happy about, but we talked about those things and hopefully they wont happen the next time!

Before I knew it I looked at the clock and it was 630...we had been there for THREE HOURS!  See, this was something else I was worried about.  When do you know its time to leave things like this...I was thinking after about an hour and half but two at the most that we should for sure be leaving!  Totally lost track of time and three hours later decided we should be getting home!  PLUS I thought daddy might be home but NOPE, he had not even left work yet which meant he was MORE than an hour from being home!  I was worn out from the play date and it really wasn't even MY play date!  I guess just from talking so much or something, and oh yeah, chasing an 8 month old around (which by the way he will be exactly that tomorrow)!  I had to go home, feed the boys, make MO's bed (I washed his sheets) and then finally sat down!  MC was asleep in 5 minutes!  MO was IN bed by 730...SEE WHY I LIKE PLAY DATES!?!?  


I cant wait to do it again...of course with this SAME mom!  Another family would be too stressful for me!             


Anonymous said...

I am JUST LIKE YOU! What you wrote, every single bit of it, is my story as well!! We would probly be great friends cause we are alike in that way! I would have been dreading it too cause I'd have been worrying about the conversation, etc. And like you, I only talk to my husband, my kids, my sisters, my parents and my mammaw. And I love that, I don't need anyone else.
Glad you had fun though. It's scary to get out of our "comfort zones" but it's nice when that getting out turns our fun and alright!!

Thanks for referring yall's friend Jessica for a sign. I just mailed it to her today.

Have a great weekend!!

Shelly said...

sounds like you and I are a lot alike in a lot of ways!

did jesse finally order her sign, she said she was going to! GOOD!

you have a good weekend too!

Laurie said...

Good for you! Play dates can be fun for the mom and the kids---if the moms click and it sounds like ya'll did! I have the same fears and anxieties about stuff like that too, especially new situations! It's exhausting to me, meeting new people, but some people thrive on that! I have gotten better in my old age, haha! But who do I hang out with 90% of the time? b/f from high school, my mom, sister and sisterinlaw!:)

P.S. I tagged you! You'll have to check out my blog to see what I mean!:)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had fun! My Ayden is terrified of dogs too! But he hasn't gotten over it yet and I can't figure out how to help him with that. But it is quite a problem when we do go to someone else's house because I feel so rude asking them to put their dog away at THEIR house. But Ayden will cry so hard that he is shaking, sweating, running like a mad person, etc! If you have any suggestions let me know. :)