Friday, May 22, 2009


I know its been WAY too long since I have posted...SORRY!  I promise I will start posting more, starting NEXT WEEK!  

Today, my most fave person in the world, and I went to the Byron Nelson for the day!  We had a really great day.  We took MO to school this morning, ALL FIVE OF US, it was kind of cool!  Then we headed to Keller to drop the other two boys off with NanNan.  Daddy and I had a really good time at the Byron Nelson, just him and I!  We got back to the boys about 430.

My TWIN sister's TWINS birthday was today...HAPPY THIRD BIRTHDAY BABIES!

So I leave you with I said, I promise I will post more and more often!!  I have a few pics I need to show you all!!  But for now this is the only pic I will post...


You are growing so much and so fast!!  I love you so much and you are the sweetest little, I MEAN BIG, snuggler ever!!  You love giving your mommy kisses and only your mommy.  You will give me kisses without me even asking!  You totally prefer mommy over anyone right now.  You are about to be 8 months old and you weigh between 20 and 25 pounds.  You wear size 3 diaper and you love your baby food and cereal!  You love your daddy and brothers too...just not as much as your mommy!  When daddy gets home from work you will actually reach for him and go to him and snuggle and love on him for a while but before too long you will be looking for ME!  If daddy has you and mommy is around, you are constantly trying to reach for me and whine until I come get you!  I only make such a big deal of this because your brothers were never like this with me!  I was not home with them, like I am with you, when they were your age.  I was just telling daddy today how different it is with you than it was with your brothers simply because I am at home with you and was not with them.  I LOVE BEING HOME WITH YOU and only wish I could have been home with your brothers too!  YOU are for sure a handful and keep me busy but I would not trade it for the world and only wish I could have had this with your brothers too!  See, there is only so much time that mommy gets and then you too, like your brothers, will turn into...dont be too shocked...A DADDY'S BOY!  When you learn what playing is and what tusseling is and what SONY is mommy time is over!  So I will savor and enjoy this time with you more than ever!  I love you little chubby thing!  You snuggle and give kisses better than anyone...mommy loves sneeking in a nap when you too are napping on my chest!  You are just the sweetest baby ever!!         

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