Friday, May 8, 2009


In the housing addition that we live in they have "Music On The Green" in the summer every Friday night.  We have lived here for 4 years now and tonight was the first time we have ever was really fun and relaxing!  I think we might do this ever Friday night!

My oldest two sure don't act like this at home!

HE is NEVER this content laying on the floor at home!

Can you tell he is sleepy and hot...he was OUT about five minutes after this was taken!

AGAIN, these two do NOT get along so well at home...THAT'S WHY THIS IS GOING TO BE AN EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT THING!

IT WAS PACKED.  I had no idea so many people actually went to this.  I packed us some snacks and drinks but they were also selling food and drinks, next time I think we will just take some cash!

MR CHUBBY and his FIRST ORANGE!  At the beginning of the week we were all under the weather here.  I took MC and MO took the doc Tuesday...MC had an ear infection and MO had ANOTHER viral infection.  Then the next day I felt like crap with just a nasty cold!  Sooooo, our wonderful MAWMAW surprised us with a visit and some of her famous "STUFF"!  She brought MO and MS some really cool coloring pages she printed off for them and each of them a new box of crayons.  She also brought them an orange, THEY LOVE ORANGES!  And she just so happened to have brought MC an orange of his very own TOO!  Below is what he thought about that!

Below he is smiling from ear to ear at mawmaw...he doesn't get this kind of stuff when she isn't around!:)


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Laurie said...

Music on the Green sounds like a lot of fun! You will have to make it a habit if your boys enjoy it so much!! Looked like Mr. Chubby loved his orange!!;)