Thursday, April 2, 2009


I was just telling my husband that I have not blogged all week...he said YOU HAVE BLOGGED, just not on your own! Which I guess is the truth. I told him that I feel like such a bad blogger. I totally had all intentions of blogging (posting) at least once a day Monday - Friday but I am finding it hard to do. When I do have some free time, which is not often, I spend it all catching up on all of my favorite blogs that by the time I am done I do not have time to post on my own! It takes a lot of time to catch up on all of the blogs that I like to read daily...once I sit down to do it, before I know it a ton of time has just flown by.
Speaking of some of my favorite blogs:

Below are two of my favorite things about this week!
I got this checkbook cover from LAURIE ! THANKS AGAIN LAURIE!
She has tons of other really cute things, go check it out!



RECEIVED THIS SIGN BELOW IN THE MAIL! THANKS TO APRIL ! I LOVE IT!!! You should really check out her blog!

Can you read it?? It says MOTHERS OF LITTLE BOYS WORK FROM SON UP TILL SON DOWN. Aint that the truth!

Daddy finally got around to putting up the baby swing on our swing set, MC loves it!

Just wanted to show ya the new paci clip/holder I got, I think its cute!
This is MC's new favorite way to get around...he moves everywhere! As I type he is in another room and I am calling his name. This is how its gonna be when he starts crawling which has to be right around the corner BUT way worse! He will be into everything! I wont be able to let him roam. I was telling my husband, we are either gonna have to cage him in our living room with gates, my husband hates the gates being up, or MC will have some red hands and learn the word NO pretty fast! POOR BABY!
Ok, I better go now, this has taken me long enough. BOYS NEED FED AND BABY NEEDS HOLDING!


Anonymous said...

Glad you like your sign! That saying is my FAVORITE of all the ones I do. I only have 1 son and that sign fits me to a "T". Can't imagine having 3 precious really need that sign!
Take care and thanks again...

Laurie said...

Shelly, so sweet of you to put your new checkbook cover on your post! I am so glad you like it! And as always love the sign April made!! Looks like your little one is pretty comfy in his new swing!:)

Kel said...

I want a check book cover like should have bought me one. Why didn't you tell me you got one?? It's really cute!!