Saturday, August 14, 2010

J C M (the 3rd...well really more than that but he is MY 3rd)

i need to do some catching up in MC's baby book!

but i will update MC here for now (and as a reminder for me as to what needs to be put in his book)

MC is almost TWO (sept 29th)
he weighs 35 lbs.

he wants to eat and drink all by himself all the time

there are two things MC loves to do more than anything else...

he loves to wear shoes, NOT HIS, but anybody else's shoes that are too big on him.  he clogs around in shoes that are huge on his feet most of the day.  he falls just about every other step but he just gets up as if the big things on his feet weren't the cause of his fall.  if we are missing shoes we always know why and who!

MC also loves to clean as much as he loves wearing other people's shoes.  give him a spray bottle and a rag and he will go to town, on pretty much everything!  he will scrub the bathroom floor, the shower, the bathtub, the cabinets, the doors, the carpet, the windows, the tables, the chairs, your legs or arms.  too bad he likes to spray his spray bottle more than he likes to scrub or clean up with his rag!  when i slip on a water puddle on the floor due to his "cleaning" its time for the "cleaning" to be done with for the day!  funny how HIS cleaning can make my house that much more dirty or not put together. 

when he can get his hands on the vacuum cleaner or the broom, there really goes my house!  he will move everything to "vacuum" or "sweep" behind it and under it.  he just isn't as good at putting all the stuff back in their places when he is done!

(in the pic above the shoes he has on are not his!)

MC can talk pretty good.  you can tell what he is saying on most of the words that come from his mouth.  there are a couple of words that he says that nobody other than his family would know what he is saying.  when MC sees a car or truck (or anything that has wheels) instead of saying CAR he rolls his r and that sound is what he calls anything that has wheels.  when we are getting ready to leave the house and get in the car MC will say go rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (car) or when nannan leaves the house he always wants to go to nannans rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (car).  it is SOOOO funny!!  he also has a word he says for his drink that sounds nothing like DRINK and i have no idea why he says it.  when he wants his drink he will say GINO (geeeee no).  we all now know it is his drink.  we tell him it is DRINK not geeee no but he still says it.  he says kawlea (karlea) and this actually means karlea or karson.  he says jaca (jacob), he says it like jacob but with no b and the o is pronounced as an a.  he says jack but not as much as he says jaca.  i think he says keddy (kelly), i mean i think he means kelly when he says keddy.  he says nannan, mommy, daddy, NO (of course)!  when he sees a dog (or cat or any animal) he says pu ee (puppy).  he says baby.  like i said, he pretty much can say anything like it is suppose to be said except for car and drink.  i think he could say car and drink he just has his own words for them.  

when he is mad he will hit anything or anybody close to him and if he has anything in his hands at the time he will throw it.  he loves when daddy gets home from work and hates when daddy goes to bed (we usually are still up and downstairs when daddy goes upstairs).  this is one of those times that he throws his paci (even tho he wants it) just because he is mad then cries cause he wants his paci but i wont give it back to him because he threw it!  most of the time we really do lose it when he throws it like this, it makes me soooo mad!  MC LOVES HIS PACI!  he pretty much has it all the time when we are at home.  when we go out we always leave it in the car unless we know he will be getting sleepy or we are going somewhere that might test his being good like a restaurant.  speaking of paci...we cut the tip off the paci of my older two boys when they turned two and instantly they were done!  i know MC wont be that easy.  MC has found cut pacis and them being cut does NOT bother him, he will still put it in his mouth!  MC will be two in a month and a half!

did i mention that MC's most fave thing is HIS MOMMY!

then closely to follow is daddy, brothers, nannan, food...      

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