Tuesday, August 3, 2010

GALVESTON VACATION (was suppose to be gulf shores but the oil spill changed that)...PICTURE OVERLOAD!!

And the trip begins...

Shortly after the above pics were taken MC and my sister's boy twink swiched cars, kell had MC for the trip and we had boy twink...

the trip to galveston was better than i thought it would be, everyone did good!!

below are a couple of pics from the first night we were there, we were playing a game.

this is me and my cousin Lacy

below is from the 2nd day there and our first day at the pool.  the guys and nannan took all the kids to the beach first for about an hour and then met us at the pool.  our first day at the pool did not last long, maybe a couple of hours (if that) before a storm blew in.  it rained and rained and rained!!  we all went back to the house for lunch resting and then everyone took showers and got ready to head out for dinner

for dinner we went mexican, same place we ate at a couple years back when just daddy and I took my sister's oldest, MO and MS (i was pregnant with MC) to galveston.

my sisters oldest and my oldest (MO)

my sister, my brother and i

my sister and i

my brother and my cousin

daddy and i

my sister and her husband and me and kell

the pics below are from our 3rd day in galveston but 2nd day at the pool.  it was a much better pool day than our first pool day was, we all were poolside ALL DAY.  the guys took the kids to the beach again first then met us at the pool.  it was daddy, me and our three, my sister, her husband and their three, my mom, my brother and my cousin.  Im so glad we atleast got one good day at the pool, it was fun!!

above my brother throwing MS

my brother pretty much played with the kids the whole time and threw them...they love their uncle shane (when he isnt being mean to them, anyway!)

my brother and my sisters oldest and then my cousin and mom

above is my brother and cousin playing with the kids and below is my mom and brother

OUR SIX SPOILED ROTTEN KIDS...but i guess we will keep them!

brother and MO above and MC below

since we made it a DAY at the pool, MC napped at the pool too!

my three and MC shaving (thanks to nannan)

the last thing the kids wanted to do...and when i say LAST thing i mean 10pm the night before we were leaving.  my mom kept all the kids the last night so that we could all go to a nice dinner without them.  since we had such a long day at the pool we knew they would be worn out anyway.  MS was out before we even left for dinner and the twinks were not far behind him.  we figured by the time we got home they would all be out!  well...WE THOUGHT WRONG!  MS had woke up and my sisters oldest never went to sleep, MO fell asleep right before we got home.  the three big boys were waiting up until we got home cause the guys had promised to take them CRAB HUNTING and they had not forgot!  sooooo, we walked in the door and the guys changed clothes and out the door they went.  below was one of their victims...YES that is a knife in it!  YUCK! 

they had fun but MS was bit by one and MO was really upset the next morn cause he didnt go.  we tried to wake him up but he was too tired, we could never really even wake him up.  the next morning we get up and start packing and MO asks why they never got to go crab hunting...he didnt even remember we tried to wake him up to go.  we told him everyone did go and we couldnt wake him to go, he started bawling!  we felt bad but there was nothing we could do.  we even told him MS was bit hoping that would make him feel better but it didnt!

below are pics we tried to get of the kids.  we wanted them outside and we tried but they were not cooperating...THE KIDS OR THE MOSQUITOS, both were TERRIBLE!

sooooo, we tried inside!  but in OR out, its hard getting a good pic of ALL when you are taking pictures of SIX kids.  below are the best of what we got:

daddy took this one and im not even sure when he did but i thought it was cute!

ALL IN ALL i had fun, wish we were there NOW!  i love vacations!!

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