Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hillsong LIVE

this is the 2nd time we have seen Hillsong LIVE at Fellowship Church and it was an awesome concert AGAIN!!  if you ever get the chance to see them GO!!  we took the boys to the last concert a couple of years ago and to this one too, they LOVE Hillsong! 

the boys took the pics of josh and i, thats why it looks like we are looking down...WE ARE!

we arrived at 430pm, doors opened at 6 and concert was suppose to begin at 7.  concert began at 730, so we were there a full 3 HOURS before the concert started.  soooo, you can imagine how the boys were doing...once the concert began they were good, especially if it was a song they knew!  overall, it was a really good concert!!  it was long and tiring and we got home LATE but it was worth it!!!

my husbands brother and his wife and his mom and dad also came to the concert

i hope you get the chance to see them...we will go everytime we get the chance!

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