Sunday, September 6, 2009


I know I have not done a very good job at this whole blog thing. I keep telling myself that I will get better but never really do. Truth is, I am surprised I even have such! I have never been one that does this type of thing. But I am going to keep at it and try and get better, if for nothing else, my boys! Hopefully one day they can look back on this and have a little glimpse into their lives at this age, even if they may not even remember it.

MO has just started FIRST GRADE and is loving it! MS and I really do miss him during the day...MO never believes me when I tell him how much MS misses him during the day. MS asks me ALL day long WHAT TIME IS IT. And Im like, WHY DO YOU CARE, why do you ask me this question so often?? And he replies, cause I want to know when its time to go pick up MO! AWWWWWWW!!! AWWWWWWW, my soon as MO is home, its like he never left, they dislike each other AGAIN! Atleast they both love their baby brother and is nice to him...RIGHT!?!?!

MS starts preschool this week! I cant wait, really more for him than me, REALLY! He so needs to be somewhere other then home being bored waiting for his big brother to get home only so they can fight with each other! I am so excited for him cause he is so excited about it and because I think this will be really good for him. MC won't know what to think without either of his brothers with him.

We have been fighting the stomach bug in our household this past week! First MC got it, the first time I have EVER seen my baby boy sick and boy was he sick! He was running a low grade fever and THROWING UP...YES, my baby boy was throwing up, like every 20 to 30 minutes for like 4 hours or something. Daddy went to sleep with MO for the night and MS was moved to a pallet. It was just me and MC UP for like FOUR hours when usually we are sleeping. Finally around 4 AM he was able to get to sleep and not wake back up because he was sick! He slept until about 730 the next morning and woke up like he never missed a beat! Now we are working on getting him off formula and onto whole milk...not going so well! Not to mention that we also need to be working on getting him off his bottle but right now that is the least of my worries! I give him a BOTTLE, yes bottle, of whole milk, first I tried warm just cause thats what he is use to with his formula, and then tried cold and both times he had the same reaction. He would take the bottle from me like he could not wait to get it in his mouth, then when he did he took it back out and looked at the bottle like what is this! Then he looked at me like, WHAT DID YOU JUST GIVE ME! Then he would just throw his bottle and go about his normal routine! He wont drink it! So for now I am still giving him his formula...IN A BOTTLE, he will be ONE on September 29th! I am pretty sure MO still had a bottle after turning one but like only at night or something and with whole milk! MS was done with his bottle at 6 months! I was able to switch him from bottle to sippy cup with no problem. Tried this with MC and he was not and is not having it! So, I guess we will see!

Back to the stomach first MC had it, then MO got it and now DADDY has it! Only good thing about it is that it lasts no longer than about 24 hours and in most cases, not even that long! I am now just hoping MS and I can stay clear of it all together! I do not have time to be out of commission for 24 hours and neither can MS...he starts preschool this week...and when I am out of commission, that usually means my mom and sister has my kids! I DONT LIKE NOT BEING ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF MY FAMILY MYSELF!

Today was the Sunday before LABOR DAY...boy do I love LONG weekends and SHORT weeks! I love daddy being home with us! But today was a sick day for daddy! The boys and I packed up and headed to my sisters for the day...this was the plan anyways, but especially now that daddy needed some time to rest. We had a blast! My boys love being at Grammpys and Grammys, and this is not even THEIR grammpy and grammy but you could not tell it. My boys would stay there without me and that's saying alot! THEY LOVE GRAMMPY AND GRAMMY, even when they are not even home! My sister and her family are house sitting...we spent the day POOLSIDE! I have to admit, I kind of like being at Grammpy and Grammys too!

I love my husband and my three boys more than just about anything in this world...well, it goes like this, GOD, my husband and boys and then the rest of my family and then friends! But I love spending time with my sister! I don't know if my sister and I are as close as we are because we are twins or if we would be like this anyways, but whatever the case, I LOVE SPENDING TIME WITH HER! Sure, we disagree and SHOCKER, even fight from time to time, but no matter what we have fought about or disagreed about things are always OK with us! I cant EVER imagine my life without my sister and hope I never have to! Kell, even though you and I have plenty to fight over it our kids, cause you know NONE of them are spoiled or anything, or who is right or wrong, (we will never agree on this one!) YOU will ALWAYS be my best friend! I have never experienced life without you and never want to! I love you and your husband and kids like I do my own husband and kids, even though sometimes it may not seem like it.

HERE IS TO A GREAT WEEKEND, the only thing that could have made it better was for MO and daddy to have been totally healthy! I always enjoy my day and time much more when daddy is there with me and of course all three of my boys! The ONLY things missing today was daddy, MY MOM and MY BROTHER!

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