Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Mr. Outgoing" aka "Mr. Smarty Pants"

My oldest seems to have gotten his daddy's brain. He started kindergarten this year and loves it...well most of the time anyway. About a month into the school year "Mr. Outgoing's" teacher emailed me asking me what kind of reading program we had him in because it seemed as though he is reading above kindergarten level and asked our permission to have him tested. I told her that he wasn't in a reading program but that he had been reading with his older cousin for a few years now and he reads his bible with his daddy every night and of course it was OK to have him tested! Well turns out that "Mr. Outgoing" reads on the same level as kids that have just FINISHED first grade. They have now started reading groups in his class and his teacher emailed me again last week telling me that there is no group for "Mr. Outgoing" to read with in his class or any other kindergarten class. The teacher asked permission if it was OK for him to leave his classroom to read with one of the first grade groups during their reading groups. Of course we said that this was fine. Yesterday was his first day to read with the first graders, he said it went great!

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Bev said...

Smart & Too Cute!!! Tell Jackson Ms Bev sends him a BIG wink!!!