Tuesday, May 31, 2011


these are from most recent...

this weekend we took the boys to the pool for the first time.

also this weekend, fri, we went to music on the green.  its something they do every fri in may where we live.  due to baseball, this was the only and last fri we could make.

mc got some new skates cause his brothers had some and he wanted to skate too!  he is taking a pic with his new camera here...

this past fri at school was mo's end of the year party.  the little girl in the pic is mo's best friend's little sister.  she is 4 and mc (2) is the same size and wears bigger shoes!

we had lunch with ms fri too!

fri was also ms's young author's day at school.  he wrote his own book about turtles and read it to us.

his eyes look so green here to me!  him and mo have their daddy's eyes (hazel).  i sure hope mc's eyes stay blue!

yogurt one day after school...

this past thursday was mo's young author's day...mc is sitting in the reading loft in mo's class.

mo reading us his book...

the twinks had their 5th bday this month too!

i made these shirts for them!

at church one saturday before a mavs game!  mc was sleeping!


one day after school...

made me a hat for mo's baseball games!

heading to a ranger game...

mc playing at a baseball game one friday evening...

ms and mo had their boosterthon fun run this month too...THANKS TO ALL THAT PLEDGED!

this was after the run!

daddy has traveled lots in may...this is what my bed looks like when he is out of town!

boys in the backyard playing baseball...it doesnt usually last long...the big boys end up fighting or mc hits someone with a bat (on purpose)!

mc is officially on summer break!  the older two have 2 1/2 days this week and then they are!  mo has another month of regular season baseball and then he will play summer baseball and summer basketball.  ms has his last baseball game this coming fri and then he will play summer indoor soccer.  daddy has his wisdom teeth taken out this fri!  pray all goes well!!  the boys are spending the night with my sister thursday night which they are excited about.  i have to take him to dentist and stay, which should take about an hour and then i will get him home and comfy and then will go get the boys.  daddy will be of no help fri with baseball games so my mom will do it!  ms has a game and mo has a double header and then a tournament that starts saturday morning.  I LOVE WATCHING MY BOYS PLAY SPORTS!  it takes up alot of time but its worth it!

hopefully i will be back on here before a month passes!


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