Monday, May 9, 2011


it has been one busy weekend (that started on thursday).  being busy is nothing new, this was just a different kind of busy.  i had a blast but missed my boys!

thursday night our womens church conference at church began that my mom, sister and i attened.  daddy had the boys.  got home late and then had to get up early the next morning for the 2nd day of the conference.  the two big boys were in school and mc was in daycare at church.  daddy grabbed the two big boys from school and then they both had baseball.  after the conference friday night my mom took mc home with her and my sister and i went out to watch the mav game.  we had fun but got home late and everyone was asleep.  got up too early again on saturday for the 3rd and final day of the conference.  daddy and the big boys had baseball again and mc was in church daycare again.  when the conference was over mc went home with my sister.  poor baby, he was pretty much away from us all weekend, i missed him, ms and mo!! 

the womens church conference was really good!  it was good hearing such great speakers but what was even better was having my mom and sister there with me!  it was soooo good that we are already registered for next year!

saturday night daddy, the big boys and i went to the rangers vs yankee game (which is why mc was with my sister).  we had fun at the game and the rangers won!

sunday daddy & i went to the maverick game.  my mom AGAIN had the boys.  we had soooo much fun!!
after the game we came home, I WAS READY TO SEE MY BOYS!  daddy mowed, the boys played and i sat on the swing on the patio and watched tv and read a magazine.  IT WAS A REALLY GREAT END TO A GREAT MOTHER'S DAY thanks to MY MOM for the keeping the boys. 

i had a really great weekend but ready to get back to my "normal". 


LOVE LOVE LOVE my husband and boys!

oh yeah...and a pic of mr. hollywood!

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