Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The pic above and below are from MO's actual birthDAY.  We took him to eat at Blue Goose...I kind of presuaded him to want to go there!!  He didnt care where we went as long as they sang Happy Birthday to him and WHO doesnt do this!?!?  Well, I tell you who doesnt, BLUE GOOSE!!  MO was like, THIS WAS A COMPLETE WASTE!!  I felt bad!!  But he got over it pretty quickly since there was another gift waiting at home to open!

The next few pics are from when my mom, one of the twinks, MC and I went to visit my brother at school.  We orginally planned this trip because it was their homecoming and we were going to the game to watch Shane cheer.  Well, the day before we were leaving he hurt his ankle at practice!!  We still went but didnt get to see him cheer!

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