Sunday, November 15, 2009


This first picture is of MC at the ER right before he was about to get his stitches:

And this picture is of his three stitches...a day later and a bath later:

I will NEVER leave him in the bathtub by himself again!  I mean I was in the bathroom, but had gotten MO out and was drying him off real quick and was about to turn around and grab him with the same towel but it wasn't quick enough!  He stood up and slipped and his head hit the metal knob on the drain.  Blood was everywhere and wouldn't stop gushing!!  He was crying, I was on the verge and MO was freaking out and just kept telling me I DO NOT WANT TO WATCH HIM GET STICHES!  It was just me and the two boys home, daddy and the other boy was at a birthday party.  Luckily, my sister and her family were on their way over! 

After the blood stopped he was TOTALLY FINE!  He was running around playing and falling about to hit his head again...this is what he does on a daily basis.  We got to the ER and he couldn't get out of my arms fast go CLIMB ON TOP of the play table there!  He didn't start crying until me and two nurses had to wrap him up and hold him down for the shotS and the stitches.  He only had to get three and as soon as he was back in  my arms he was smiling again.  I thought for sure he would be out on the way home but NOPE!  He was at it again once we got home.  He didn't go to sleep early or anything, maybe even a little later than usual!  Like I said, NOTHING SLOWS HIM DOWN! 

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