Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BUSY BUSY BUSY as usual...but having SO MUCH FUN!

my cousin and one of her friends came to dallas for a concert and hung out with us too!

we had so much fun while they were here!!

we went to medievil times...the boys loved it!!

then one day we had lunch at IN & OUT BURGER!


we were sad to see them go!!

we spent a day at the pool with my sister and her kiddos!

ms was invited to a bday party at a rock climbing gym, he had a blast!

then it was time for back to school shopping!

and now football has already & the boy twink are on the same team this year!

it was 111 degrees on the first day of practice!

they both did good and had fun!

and now im packing the boys to spend a day with my sister and then a couple of days with my mom in san angelo!

daddy & i are going on a last minute quick little vacation, just him and i, before school starts!

but it always stresses me out to leave my kids!  but i know they are in good hands and will be taken care its only 3 nights.  i will miss them but i know we will have fun and be able to relax & then be ready to jump back into our busy lives!  thanks kell & mom & terry sue & gidge and everyone else that will help take care of my kids while im gone! 

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