Friday, February 25, 2011

its been a while...

at the car wash...MC could have stood there forever watching!

MS's vday party at school...thats his teacher with the heart headband on.

MO's vday of the activities at the party was to design clothing for someone else using a roll of toilet paper.  MO said he thought he could design girls clothing better so he chose a girl partner!

the boys opening up their vday gift from mommy and daddy!

MC riding the gocart...he loves it and actually is safer than the older two on it!  he obviously doesnt do 360's on it but you should see him go!

MC enjoying the sun!

i know its been a while since i posted!  will try to be better at it!

we have TWO 8AM games in the am...HATE 8AM SATURDAY GAMES!


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