Friday, July 16, 2010


my sister's husband's sister (so my sister's sister-n-law) is pregnant for the first time and having a GIRL!  shopping for a GIRL is soooo much fun...makes me thankful i have only boys!  i would spend more money than i already do!


mom is RACHEL
dad is RICHARD
big sister is LEXI (not an R...too bad, kind of like the same beginning letter for names):)

you cant even see rachel here cause her "helpers" are blocking her.  that would be the big sister and the princess...

clothes line from my mom, sister and i


above and below is the mommy herself!

my sister and another baby at the shower (only girls could come to the shower...TOO BAD, cause i really wanted to bring MY handful...YEAH RIGHT! daddy had all the boys to himself, HE WAS EXCITED!!)

THE CAKE...peanut butter cake, rachel's fave!

THE PUNCH...mmmm, it was WINE punch!

MY NEW FAVE PLACE, LIFETIME FITNESS!  the FOUR boys and I go everyday!  i have TWO WHOLE HOURS OF CHILD CARE DAILY!!  WOO HOO!!  I LOVE IT!!  SO DO THE BOYS...well, most of them anyway, MC isnt too crazy about it.  they have called me once to come get him cause he wouldnt stop crying, they dont try as hard as fellowship church!!  they also dont change poopy diapers, which i HATE!!  MC poops ALL the time and i hate having to go change him and leave him again, his crying happens all over AGAIN!  the first time they called me I just took the boys and we went home, had gotten half my workout done.  the second time they called me it was 10 mins after i dropped them off so i was NOT just taking them and going home but it was AWFUL!  he was still crying from me dropping him off 10 mins ago and while i was changing him i was telling him that mommy was leaving again but i would be right back, he totally knew what i was telling him cause he kept saying NOOOOO and bawling!  i know it sounds bad but he eventually does stop crying and plays and is fine when i pick him up an hour to two hours later.  he has to get use to it, i just cant STOP taking him.

below are pics from the pool at lifetime fitness, the BOYS LOVE THE SLIDES!  MC does better with floaties in the water but they are not allowed here, only THEIR life vests.  i HATE the vests!!  the vest is stronger than MC so it will force him on his stomach most the time with his face facedown in the water.  of course im right there to get him but with  floaties he can do whatever he wants and never goes under (unless he jumps in and wants to go under).

where he is here above and below his body is laying on the bottom of the pool, he is meaning to be floating, he does it all the time, he loves floating on his back, he will do this with floaties on too!  everyone is looking at him and saying to me he isnt scared one bit is he...HE ISNT EITHER! 

the pic below none of the boys are in, i was just taking a pic of it all...actually the big boys are in it in the distance but you cant see them cause they are too far away!  the big boys can touch everywhere in the pool, maybe on tip toes, but they can touch, but i keep a close eye on them too PLUS there are life guards on duty at all times!

all the boys below


this pic means i had FOUR hours of being kidless TWO days this week!!  they ALL (even MC) went to a mini summer camp at MS's preschool (well, MS's OLD school and MC's NEW school).  i am putting MC into the same school MS went to last year for a couple days a week starting in september!  HE LOVES IT THERE!

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