Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Even with MR. OUTGOING being MR. OUTGOING he was a little nervous this morning. MO is in a class this year that is HALF 1st graders and HALF 2ND graders. He will for sure have the same teacher for 2ND grade as he does this year for 1st, which I like! This morning we were ALL loading into the car to take MO to school (daddy went with us). Daddy had put everyone in and was in the process of putting MS in last which is behind the driver's seat, which is where I was. I went to close my door and then about 2 seconds later heard one of the boys scream but had no idea which one it was or why. I turn around to see who hit who and what was going on and about that time daddy starts yelling OPEN YOUR DOOR! MS's hand was wrapped around that bar that is in between the front driver's seat and the seat behind it and I had closed his hand (tips of his fingers) in my door! I open my door and he gets his fingers out but is of course crying uncontrollable. He finally calms down and his fingers are fine, there was no blood or broken bones. We iced his fingers later and he has been fine all day, not a mention of them! NOT THAT I WOULD WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO ANY OF MY KIDS BUT THINK IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN A LITTLE WORSE HAD THAT BEEN MO and right before we were going to drop him off for his first day. We for sure would have had tears then and probably for more than just the fingers!

MS starts preschool in a couple of weeks

MO and his teacher. She also has three boys, which I thought was cool!

MO had a great first day and LOVES school again. He has been telling me that he didn't like school anymore and didn't want to go but the first day back changed it all and I am happy about that!

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