Thursday, September 30, 2010

my TWO year old

Sunday, September 26, 2010





THANKS to everyone that celebrated MC's 2nd birthday with us!  HE HAD A BLAST and LOVES ALL HIS NEW THINGS!

thanks nannan for making his cake, it was cute!  i also LOVE the tshirt you got him, J is for JAMESON!  and he loves the car you got him!

thanks grandpa and mawmaw for the thomas the train that follows the light, its super cute!

thanks nanny for the outfit, cant wait till he wears it!

thanks kelly for the vtech touch and teach turtle and his cute pumpkin sippy cup!

this morning when he came downstairs and he saw his new car we got him he yelled BIRTHDAY!

i think he had a GREAT 2ND birthday!! 

Sunday, September 19, 2010


the only time MC will EVER look little...

mc washing his cars just like daddy does...

he was being soooo good coloring at the table on his paper...


i was in the living room while he was at the table.  he got down from his chair and was sitting on the floor with his crayon and paper.  i told him to only color on his paper...well yeah, THAT DIDNT HAPPEN!  he colored on my wall, wood floors AND rug!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MC's 2nd day of MDO

he did better today than the 1st day!

when we drove up he said SCHOOL??  I said yes, want to go to school, he said YES!
(when i ask him if he wants to go to church and play or go to lifetime and play while mommy works out he whines and says NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

he walks in (im not holding him) and goes straight to playing.

i started to the door to leave and he looked at me and i said bye, mommy is leaving, i will be back, he said BYE!!

i have NEVER left him ANYWHERE that he isnt clinging to me and bawling and someone has to pry him off me and hold him while i leave...IM SO HAPPY HE LOVES HIS SCHOOL!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

our new addition, she is an 11 week old brittany, "JAYCEE"

MC acts like she is another kid, he will argue with her and whine when she is just trying to play with him and he takes her toys away!